Paranoid Packing…

31 12 2010

It always starts so well...

I’m getting a bit freaked out.

Getting my Baja gear together...

Each year when I go to Baja I trim my gear a bunch.  I’m taking way less than last year, but…

Arrggghhh....full again!

…my truck is always full!  How can that be?  You’d think when you take 30% less stuff there should be 30% more free space, but it never works out that way…=-)

Oh well…I’m going to blame the house elves!



3 responses

31 12 2010

Hmm… I thought you’d be taking the new truck.

31 12 2010

I want to get over 300K on the old truck before I decommission her. Damaging a quater pannel on the F150 costs $3-$5K to repair/repaint so it’s a much bigger risk than the Mazda…I’m ready to strip the plates off it and walk away [with my gear] if I have to.

31 12 2010

I like going to loreto. Last year I setup the back of my toyota tacoma with the large plastic trays used by contracters for mixing cement, etc. I was able to load up the trays with duffle bags, sleeping bags, tents and other stuff and it was easy to move the trays in and out of the truck. The low camper shell makes it a hassle to climb in and out of the bed. Also easier for the puesto militar to check my contents.

buen viaje

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