New Year’s Resolutions…

31 12 2010

From Duncan's City Ride Blog

  1. be considerate with my bike lights at night.
  2. spend more energy finding mountain bike trails I love.
  3. point Sharon at an all girl’s MTB clinic/camp.
  4. have fun riding some brevets.
  5. learn to ride a surfboard strapless with my kites.
  6. ride the length of Vancouver Island.
  7. become a real surfer as opposed to a kook.
  8. upgrade and catch up on the maintenance for my favourite bikes.
  9. learn to ride a unicycle.
  10. get a tandem by the end of the year.



6 responses

31 12 2010
gary sherck

Happy New Year to you, Vik.

Like all your followers, I am looking forward to exciting year reading of your adventures and your wisdom. Just maybe, in late March or early April, I may try a reverse trip of your upcoming trip from Victoria to Seattle.

31 12 2010

Just love #6 as I’m planning on doing that too in 2011! All the best for the New Year!

31 12 2010

@Gary – thanks for the kind words. If you come to Victoria let me know I can meet you at the ferry and give you a place to sleep/shower/beer/etc…

Have a great New Year!

31 12 2010

@Znook let me know when you are in town and I’ll buy you a pint. I may also be able to help with your trip depending no when it is and when I ride the island.

31 12 2010

Vik, that would be real cool. My tour will hopefully begin in May when I fly over to St Paul MN, USA from England, and then I’ll bike tour it across to Port Angeles, WA. I’ll then catch the ferry to Victoria, and carry on up the TCT to the Kinsol Trestle (I’m wanting to get to the opening ceremony (I’m a ‘Friends’ donor) but its date could be an issue if it’s too early). I’ll then carry on up the TCT to Elk Falls. After that point who knows 🙂 By all means follow me on Twitter @KZOnTour to get the latest.

My best, Robbie.
PS Have a great New Year!

31 12 2010

@Znook- wow given that ride itinerary I’ll buy you two pints! Safe travels…

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