Got Ortlieb Bent Pack?

30 12 2010

Ortlieb Recumbent Backpack...

Josh turned me onto this Ortlieb rack top bag that is also a backpack.   I love my Ortlieb panniers and my Velocity backpack so this seems like it could be a winner.

Backpack straps...

I currently have an Axiom rack top bag that I don’t love and it’s not waterproof so I’m open to something better.

More strap detail...

The problem with all multi-function bags is that they may not do any of their functions well.  So my question is does anyone out there actually own one of these and if so can you tell me a bit about how it’s working for you?

Available in basic black...



4 responses

30 12 2010
Steve Jones

Thought I’d post my experience with bags (since I have a lot of it) being a world-wide traveller / hiker / photographer and cyclist. I’ve learned that few bags do everything well. Sure you can get waterproof but what’s the use if it’s too heavy, uncomfortable and doesn’t squash down enough when unloaded? Ortlieb panniers for touring are excellent. I use them and can’t praise them highly enough. Bags which you are going to carry on your back or shoulder are a different species.More than anything else you need them to be COMFORTABLE and if they’ll use them a lot regardless of whether they are waterproofed or not. I’d suggest a bag that is comfortable and carries your gear first over water resistance any day. Many bags get too hot and sweaty in warm / hot conditions because the padded back and straps make you sweat too much. Even bags that advertise so-called air flow systems do this despite the claims!
Many bags are also too heavy even before you start to put your gear in them.
Looking at the Ortlieb you’ve pictured here I’m guessing that the padded straps and back of this model are going to be warm and sweaty to carry and add quite a bit of weight.. That translates as uncomfortable to me. In cool conditions it might not be such a problem and to be fair, I haven’t tried this particular bag. Another thing to be wary of is that waterproof zippers can be pretty hard to open and close in a hurry or with cold hands so if you plan on frequently opening and closing the pack it might not be so convenient.

The best bags (bar none!) that I have tried are made by OSPREY.

Osprey bags are extremely well designed and fit the body well
They use lightweight and durable materials which perform in a range of temperature conditions.
Their flapjack series ( courier and backpack ) models are the best I’ve ever used.They are water resistant but NOT waterproof. It’s easy to stretch a waterproof pack cover over them in seconds.Before deciding on the Ortliebs I’d definitely check out what Osprey offers.
However if your absolute No.1 priority is waterproofing the Ortliebs might do it for you! Hope someone out there who owns one can comment!

30 12 2010
Steve Jones

One thing I did notice from Ortlieb’s website is that this bag DOES have an excellent system of attachment to your bike rack
which is worth a lot.

30 12 2010

I like my Ortlieb backpack. I don’t get sweaty, but I live in a cool part of the world and I’m not much of a sweater.

31 12 2010

I wonder if any backpack companies are considering making products that incorporate ACS-10 material (aka Ventisit)

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