Prepping my Fatty…

27 12 2010

Nothing rocks the beach like a Pugsley...

I haven’t thrown a leg over my Surly Pugsley since last winter.  Totally sad, but moving and kiteboarding has really eaten up all my free time….=-(  However, there is no other machine for the beaches and deserts of Baja that can tackle anything that comes along.  So I’m happy to be checking over my fatty.  Getting a few spares together and making sure she’s ready for another run south of two borders!

I can taste the warm tacos and cold beer already!

When I get to La Ventana I park my truck until it’s time to drive back.  I’m strictly human power down there and I love the slower relaxed pace that comes with walking and biking for all my needs.



2 responses

29 12 2010
Micheal Blue

Vic, holy cow, those tires must have a rolling resistance of truck tires. How long a trip can you take on that bike?

29 12 2010

No they roll better than most MTB knobbies. My longest day was 140kms through the mountains with a full 4 pannier camping load. My buddy and I [both on Pugsleys] were going as fast as other folks of FS and hard tail MTBs.


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