Fairfield Bicycle Shop

26 12 2010

Fairfield Bicycle Shop - Victoria BC....

I don’t really have a LBS in Victoria where I feel as at home as Bow Cycle in Calgary.  Maybe that’s going to take a lot longer. Maybe that won’t ever happen. However, I have to give the Fairfield Bicycle Shop some credit. I’ve been looking for some odd parts this year that I fully expected I would have to order online.  In each case I figured I might as well try and buy local if I could, but really didn’t expect to be successful.  And in each case Fairfield had exactly what I was looking for.

For example they had a Rohloff dual wheel chain tensioner.  Exactly what I needed.  $50 less than the best online price I had found and available right away so I could finish my bike build.  You can’t really ask for more than that.

Merry Christmas Fairfield Bicycle Shop!



One response

26 12 2010
gary sherck

Hey Vik,

From looking at their website, they look like they would have “exactly” what you would need. Or, because of who they are (local) you would have them order it for you. Looks like a wonderful place with considerate folks who work with their customers. Gary

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