SIR 100K 5 March 2011

21 12 2010

Seattle International Randonneurs at PBP 2007...

I’m going to make my trip to Seattle around the weekend of 5 March 2011 so I can participate in the Seattle International Randonneurs 100K populaire.

I posted this on BROL:

“Having moved to the PNW area I’m keen on checking out some local cycling events. One of the reasons I got interested in riding brevets was the Seattle International Randonneurs website had great stores and pictures of their events. Little did I know a 9 rider turn out at an Alberta brevet was a lot!

Anyways the SIR are having a 100K populaire on Saturday 5 March 2011.

This is a welcome ride to the public to get them interested in randonneering without the need to train for a long distance. I am going to attend by riding my bike to the harbour in Victoria and taking the ferry to Seattle. I figured I’d post something here since the Seattle area is host to a lot of cyclists and it would be cool to meet up with some of you in person.

If you are close enough to Seattle to attend and want to hook up let me know and I’ll organize a way to get together at the start and a place we can go after the ride for something to eat and drink.

I’ll be staying over the weekend intending to check out some bike shops and test ride some bents.”

If you are a blog reader who lives in the PNW and fancies a group ride that isn’t crazy long this might be the ticket.  It would be fun to meet in person and chat about bikes over a beer or three…=-)  I’ll be in town from Friday PM through Monday AM if another time suits you better – just drop me a line.



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21 12 2010

I’m nursing a torn knee ligament so chances are I’m not going to ready for even that much distance by March…darn. However my offer of the best coffee in town stands, just let me know where you end up staying and I’ll send you directions!


21 12 2010

Ya know… I’m gonna put that on the calendar. I might just drive over the hills for that one. I’ll get in touch with a couple friends over there, see if they want to join.

I’ll be on a recumbent, would most likely bring the VK2. Though I’ll admit that I’m a weather weenie, not much for riding in the rain. So… Seattle, springtime, no rain? Not likely. 😉

21 12 2010

@Jesse – sounds good.

@Ian – come no matter what. If it’s looking gnarly skip the 100K we can always go for a shorter ride during a dry spell or just hang out poking around bike shops between coffee and beer imbibing. The ride is just 4 hrs of one day.

21 12 2010

Hey Vik,
Sort of off topic, but I thought of you when I saw this:

About the high tech of professional bike race seat post electric engine. Very cool, this is like formula 1 for bikes.


31 12 2010
Alex Wetmore

Hey Vik,

I’m hoping to be in Portland that weekend building a kayak, but if I don’t get into the class then I’ll do the ride. I just noticed that you moved to the west coast, sometime when you are in Seattle or I’m in Vic we should get a beer.


31 12 2010

@Alex – I hope to be making at least a couple ferry/bike trips to Seattle each year…probably spring & fall. You guys have some great bikey events that our smaller population couldn’t support. If you do find yourself in Seattle that SIR 100K weekend definitely let me know. I’ve appreciated your contributions online for a long time and would love to buy you a beer or coffee and chat. If you are ever in Victoria you are always welcome to a futon, shower, beer and tools in any order you need…=-) Maybe one of the BC rando’s shorter brevets would make a good excuse to visit the Island?

24 02 2011

Just an update – work has shortened my Seattle trip to just Saturday 5 March [have to leave sunday am…=-(] so I am thinking about organizing something downtown in the evening if there is anyone that wants to get together and chat bikes…maybe at a pub or something like that where we can have a bite and a beer?

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