Scott’s Surly Pugsley

21 12 2010

Scott's new fatty...

Scott from Porcelain Rocket just got a new Pugsley.  The white frames are looking sweet and now that a complete Pugsley is available I’m seeing them pop up all over the net.  I’ll miss having an uber unique ride, but at the same time having folks who can ride the same terrain as you is well worth it.

Given his bag making skills it will be fun to see what soft goods Scott whips up for this bike.

The not so Little Circles Pugsley is looking awesome as well.



4 responses

22 12 2010

the new complete Pugsley is $1549 in the US
it is $2100 here in Edmonton
the new complete Salsa Mukluk is $1500 in the US
it is $1599 in Edmonton and I’m getting one in March 2011.

22 12 2010

sweet. do you know what hub he is running? alfine 11?

i found that when i went to make my frame bag, i could get away with stuffing it pretty full, due to the larger cue factor. was also able to attach a couple “mini-panniers” to the TT near the headset (which you have seen, i believe).

24 12 2010

If I lived a bit further north, with a wee bit more snow, I’d be quite tempted for a Pugsley. As it is, all our terrain is rideable on regular tires through nearly all winter.

24 12 2010

Pugsley’s are not just for snow…


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