Easy Racers…

20 12 2010

David Cambon's lovely Easy Racer rando bike...

I mentioned a while back that I was contemplating getting a recumbent so I can enjoy the reclined bike-style again….=-)  I’ve been pondering what to get that would be interesting to ride and fit into my current bike mission profile.  One bike that keeps popping up on my radar is the Easy Racer Gold Rush Replica like the one pictured above. It’s a long wheelbase recumbent that’s got a reputation for speed and solid climbing performance.  It makes a great touring rig and long distance bike as David Cambon has proven on many occasions.  The GRR is particularly suited for fast riding with a front fairing and body sock. Living in Victoria BC the warmth and weather protection these items offer is definitely of interest for year round riding.

Peter Noris riding a body socked Easy Racer at PBP...

It would be very interesting to see how an Easy Racer LWB stacked up against the SWB bents I’m used to riding – especially in the climbing department.  They seem to offer a lot of potential benefits:

  • efficient climbing for a bent
  • high speed on downhills, flats and shallow climbs
  • weather protection from fairing and body sock
  • comfortable ride [due to long wheelbase and recumbent seat]
  • easy to carry water and other supplies
  • low BB makes starts and stops easy
  • proven design
  • great customer service
  • 406 and 700c wheel sizes in common with bikes I already own

Configured the way I would need it a GRR would cost over $4K so I won’t be snapping one up tomorrow, but I will keep my eyes peeled for a good deal like a used bike in good condition.  In the meantime I’ll work on getting a test ride in when I go to Seattle in March 2011.



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20 12 2010

You’ve got a lot more bicycle/recumbent/riding experience than me, but the difference in the SWB-high bottom bracket you were riding before (Fuji?) and the LWB-lower bottom bracket Easy Racer is quite a bit. I bought (at different times) a used Rans V2 and a used Gold Rush replica and found that I much preferred the higher bottom bracket of the V2. The Gold Rush is a great bike and a blast to ride, but for mile after mile after mile the the ergonomics of the Rans suit me better.

20 12 2010

You are welcome to try out my Rans Stratus which climbs nice compared to all the other recumbents I’ve tried. It has a windshield and I am thinking of selling it but it is such a nice ride, I haven’t yet. I’m just down the way in Port Townsend, WA.

20 12 2010

@JQF – the BB height issue may be a problem or it might not…everyone seems to react to it differently. I’m off the mind that a number of folks ride ER bikes long distances so it obviously does work…how it works for me I’d have to try to determine for myself.

If I can get in a long test ride on an ER bike that would be ideal of course.

@Jolly – I’ll be back in town late Feb and once the weather gets warmer I’d be into a trip on the ferry to your part of the world. I’d definitely take you up on your test ride offer if you bent is easy to adjust and has the room for a 42″ X-seam. Thanks…=-)

21 12 2010

My x-seam is 45 and it looks like there is plenty of room to slide it forward. Let me know when you get back and I’ll get it down from the ceiling and double check.

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