Baja Baby!

20 12 2010

Life's a beach and then you die...

I’ll be hitting the road right after NYE for a road trip down to La Ventana in Baja Mexico.  I’ve got a professional certification exam to study for and figure I might as well study in my tent on the beach.  The wind doesn’t pick up until ~1pm in La Ventana and I get up at ~6am when I’m camping so that means I can get in a solid 4hrs of studying in the AM.  Grab some lunch and be ready to kiteboard when the wind is howling.

The spirit of Baja...

I can’t really complain about the mild winter weather here on Vancouver Island, but I’m still going to be stoked to spend my days wearing only surf shorts.  I’ll try and keep posting to this blog a couple times a week while I am gone. I’ll have my Pugsley down in Mexico with me, but no long distance bike rides planned – just taco and beer runs!

Fish tacos?...

When I get back in mid-Feb I’ll be all studied up and ready to roll on my bike for the start of the rando season in BC.  I may not come back in killer cycling shape, but I’ll be tanned and relaxed which is a good way to start the new year.

Hopefully it will already be springtime by then…=-)



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