The wait is killing me…

18 12 2010

Grand Bois Cypres 700c x 30mm...

These Grand Bois Cypres 700c x 30mm tires are the fastest rolling 700c tires I know of.  I’ve bought two previous sets and didn’t get to keep either of them as other people in my life managed to “acquire” them!  Average speed increases on a longstanding commute of 20% were achieved and this was noticed by someone who pays no attention to their bike unless stuff breaks.  Sharon has a set on her 700c bike and loves the speed increase and comfort over her stock OEM tires.

So I orded myself a 3rd set which will go on my Surly LHT to replace my long serving Schwalbe Marathon XRs.  I’ll keep the XRs for future rugged tours as they have life left in them and they are no longer made so I might as well save them for what they do best – heavy duty touring.

Grand Bois Cypres on Anna's Surly Long Haul Trucker...

I’m looking forward to the fast rolling smooth ride of this new rubber…=-)

The trouble is before I conduct the swap I want to run some roll down tests on the XRs so I can gauge the speed increase between these tires.  I found a suitable test course and methodology.  I had some time this AM so I figured lets do it!  Unfortunately we’ve got crazy winds here today gusting to 30mph.  My test course is on a MUP below street level so it’s protect from wind, but when it’s howling this much I don’t think it would be protected enough not to compromise the results.


So I wait with the Grand Bois Cypres sitting on my desk.  Hopefully Monday will work [Sunday is surfing at Jordan River].

I bought all my Grand Bois tires from Compass Bicycle which is the storefront of Bicycle Quarterly.  They sell a great mix of useful products and I’m happy to support them since I benefit from the testing they do.  If you haven’t read Bicycle Quarterly’s tire testing articles you are missing out.

If you need some 700c rubber and have room for 30mm tires buy these tires – you will not be disappointed.



5 responses

18 12 2010

How’s flat protection on those? Right now I’m running Armadillos on my Cross Check but they’re wearing thin. Problem is, anything other than those Armadillos have flatted out in the crap that I ride on. But I’d love to give something new a try…

18 12 2010


Have you compared the Grand Bois to Schwalbe’s Marathon Supreme tires? The SMS are my current go to tire… Never flatter on my commutes, fast an fairly comfy. But I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for better options.

18 12 2010

@ Derrick – These Grand Bois tires have no special puncture protection. I’ve used tires without puncture protection in Calgary and Victoria’s core any only had a handful of flats in the last few years. I can’t speak to your area, but I would just be aware that tires that resist punctures exact a comfort and speed cost each ride. Are they worth it? Hard to say. You’d have to try both to know.

@JD – I haven’t done any roll down tests, but given my use of both and how they are constructed the GB Cypres are much faster and more comfortable than the SMS. This is simply due to the fact the Cypres are far more supple. Will they flat more often?…hard to say…that hasn’t been my experience, but I don’t ride where you ride. I would say it’s worth trying.

19 12 2010

They’re that good huh? I’ve wanted something a little more ‘classic’ looking for my trucker….

19 12 2010

Never mind the tires, that is the nicest paint color I have ever seen on a bike! Lucky Anna.

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