NSI Clear Grip Update

17 12 2010

Wave hunters @ Tofino...

I’ve used my Walden Magic Model surfboard a bunch more since my review of the NSI Clear Grip traction sheets.  My impression of this product vs. surf wax is growing better and better.  I’ve also lent it out to several people who liked it a lot as well.  What makes it so nice to use [besides not having to wax or deal with a waxy mess] is that it gives you enough traction to control the board, but still allows you to move around on it easily when needed.  So if you are not positioned correctly on the board you can move your feet or body [when laying prone] easily, but once you press down and want traction it’s there for you.  With wax you get a lot of traction even when you don’t want it which makes adjustments harder to make.

Board's eye view of North Chesterman Beach...

Keep in mind I am still learning how to surf so I am not doing any radical moves.  It may turn out that Clear Grip isn’t enough when I’m working the board hard.  To confirm this next time I’m with an experienced surfer I’ll let them try the board and give me some feedback.

I have used a small amount of wax on top of the Clear Grip where I place my hands when popping up.  This gives me extra grip in the one area I want it without having to use much wax.

So far the Clear Grip looks brand new after a dozen days of surfing.  It looks like it will last a long time.  So far so good!…=-)

— All photos by Deanna Enman.



One response

17 12 2010
Andrew Priest

Don’t know squat about surfing, but really like the photos so thanks for sharing.

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