Focused Lights

16 12 2010

B&M IQ Cyo...

I can’t complain about unfocused lights and then spend my $$$ on anymore lights that blind other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.  As I noted in my 2011 To Do List post I want to upgrade the lighting on my bikes.  So I have ordered a B&M IQ Cyo from Peter White Cycles.  When I get a Shimano dynohub wheel built up [probably not until Feb 2011] this light will go on my Surly LHT.

B&M IQ Cyo beam pattern...

This light is made for faster riding as you’ll note there isn’t a lot of light up close for slowly picking your way through pot holes, but there is lots of light further away where you need it at 30kph+.

B&M IQ Cyo R...

I also ordered a B&M IQ Cyo R for my Surly Big Dummy.  I have a 26″ disc Shimano dynohub wheel built up from my Thorn Nomad so this light will go into service immediately.

B&M IQ Cyo R bam pattern...

As you can see this version of the light has a slightly tweaked beam pattern with more light up close for slower riding – especially on poor roads. This will be an ideal fit for the Big Dummy as an urban cargo bike and expedition touring rig.  This level of attention to detail and thoughtful design is why I’m spending my $$ on a German light vs. buying anything from North American bike light companies.

B&M Ixon...

I ordered Sharon a B&M Ixon IQ [same shape as above, but black and improved power output].  This is a battery powered version of the same series of bike lights.  She’ll use this on her commuter mountain bike for now and her Surly Cross Check in 2011 when we get it rolling.  For her birthday I’ll see about a dynohub wheel and a dyno headlight for the Cross Check. Then this light will live on her #2 bike.

B&M Ixon IQ beam pattern...

Note a similar beam pattern to the IQ Cyo R with lots of light in the foreground.  This will suit Sharon’s slower riding speed and urban commute/transport missions.

Dinotte on a RANS crankforward...

What about my Dinottes and Sharon’s Planet Bike lights?  We won’t throw them out.  I usually have a ~10 bikes on the go at any given time.   With the LHT, Big Dummy and New World Tourist dyno’d up I’ve got my go to night bikes.  I’ll use the Dinottes on the other rigs when I need to take them out after dark.  Same with Sharon.  In 2011 she’ll have a Cross Check, commuter mountain bike and a Dahon Speed to light up.

When these unfocused lights wear out they won’t be replaced.



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16 12 2010

You won’t regret it! I have been running the Ixon IQ for over a year now and I love it. Just ordered the Lyt N Plus for my cargo bike and anxiously waiting for time to get it installed.

16 12 2010

Good move. I’ve have the Cyo and used an Ixon IQ before that. One option is to use a Ride and Charge or some other inverter off of a dynohub, so then you have a supply of charged batteries for camping excursions.
I’m also impressed with the Toplight Lineplus taillight.

16 12 2010
Rob E.

I was just thinking about the IQ Cyo the other day. I was thinking it was time to upgrade my “be seen” Spanninga generator light to something would actually light up the greenways at night, letting me see the turns /before/ I left the pavement. I’m curious to hear your impressions and also to see how you mount it. My current light and Cyo seem to be designed as a crown mount, but I want to put a front rack on, which will get in the way of that. I’m guessing you’ll have the same issue with yours.

16 12 2010

That B&M IQ Cyo R looks nice. I’m currently in the middle of the daunting process of choosing parts for my Big Dummy build. I’m on the fence about a dynamo hub. I like the idea but not sure I want the extra drag. My only experience with one is on my Dahon Speed TR and the drag is extremely noticeable and bothersome.

17 12 2010

@ Bryan: with wheels 559–622mm you’ll never notice the drag of a dynamo hub, especially the better hubs (Shimano, Sanyo, SON). And ESPECIALLY on a Big Dummy!

17 12 2010

@Bryan – get the SON Deluxe. It’s got even less drag than a standard SON and provides enough power at low speeds with a modern LED headlight.

17 12 2010

Ya ought to take a look at the new Phillips Bike lights. Similar to the BM lights but brighter. Charging for the battery version is through USB i hear.

18 12 2010

Thanks for the info, I’ll take a good look at the SON Deluxe.

25 12 2010
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31 12 2010

I have a Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus and I love it.
Great choice, as always!
Peace 🙂

4 01 2011
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18 12 2011

The ixon is rated at only 100 lumens, (can’t find dinotte rating, might be more though)) So an amazing testament to the power of non symetrics. Question –have you verified that 5 hours on high?, and is it well regulated? Also, does first push of button put you in high or low?

Derek–Agree that the Philips looks interesting. 200 non symetric lumens and reportedly brighter then ixon by swhs but the 2 hours claimed for high has turned out not to be true. People getting only 70 minutes, but even if did get 2 hours the ixon might be preferable (if really get 5) if still good enough light to ride fast. Can’t tell how long that road is in the picture. Avoiding proprietary batteries is the best, and both do that.

18 12 2011

5hrs sounds right based on my GF’s commuting use. But I haven’t run a bench test myself.

5 08 2013
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