Seattle 2011

15 12 2010

Seattle Washington...

Now that I am closer to Seattle I’m keen on a bike expedition there next spring.  I’ll ride my bike from my house to the Victoria Harbour where I’ll catch a high speed passenger ferry to the general Seattle area and bike somewhere central from which I can explore.

Besides generally visiting Seattle I’d like to:

  • meet up with cycle-minded folks from the area for a coffee, a ride or both
  • check out some cool bike shops
  • check out some recumbent dealers and get in a few test rides if bents that are rare [to me]
  • participate in any bike-ish events going on
  • I wouldn’t turn down a good band/night club option as long as there wasn’t a 160km ride planned for the next day at 6am!

I’d probably be leave on a Thursday and come back on a Monday to give me 3 days in town including a weekend.  I’m thinking early March would fit best into my schedule.

I thought I’d throw this out there early to see if anyone from the area:

  • had any suggestions for bike friendly hotels/motels that were centrally located?
  • had any bike shop or bike event suggestions at that time of year?
  • was interested in hooking up for a ride, coffee, beer, curry and/or chat?



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15 12 2010

Let’s see, pretty much any hotel/motel will be able to accomodate your ride. I’ve seen bikes pulling out of motels on Aurora Ave and from high rises downtown. Just inquire when you make a reservation to verify, but you should be good. If you can afford it, the Edgewater was completely rebuilt several years ago and is really really nice (it’s built on a pier).

We’ve got more bike shops then we know what to do with. My personal favorite is Counterbalance. It’s not central exactly, but it sits right on the Burke-Gilman Trail near the University of Washington. I don’t know of any bent dealers around here…have to spend some quality time with Google on that one…And as for bike events, I’m sure there are going to be some in Spring but I haven’t found any scheduled just yet, will keep checking around.

As for a ride, beer, coffee, tea, curry, etc…always up for showing visitors around the local eateries. wordpress has my email now so just send a warning when you know which weekend you’re shooting for and we’ll meet up. If my knee is better I’ll be able to show you around by pedal power…


15 12 2010

Thanks Jesse – I’ll be in touch in Feb to see what’s shaking.

Maybe I’ll come for the 3rd March 100K SIR are putting on?

15 12 2010

Sounds good, though you might want to look into something like Chilly Hilly. Official kick off of the riding season around here, unless you ride year round…basically a rolling party ride around bainbridge Island. Then there’s the Seattle Bike Expo the 12th-13th. If you like expos, this one is massive! I’ll see what else I can find that might help you nail down a weekend.

16 12 2010

You should do STP with us next year! Seattle to Portland in 2 days, then we spend a week riding, eating, and drinking our way around Portland. Had a blast last year.

18 12 2010

@Bryan – STP is a ride I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’m not sure I’ll make it this year, but I’ll keep it on my calendar in case the dates work out. Does it “sell out” or can I register close to the event date?

@Jesse – I’m hoping to ride some brevets in 2011 so a 100K ride in March should be fairly easy or I’ll be in big trouble for the longer events that start soon after.

21 12 2010
SIR 100K 5 March 2011 « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] I’m going to make my trip to Seattle around the weekend of 5 March 2011 so I can participate in the Seattle International Randonneurs 100K populaire. […]

28 12 2010

Hey Vik,

If you bring a folder, I would be willing to go on a ride around the area. I’ve been doing a lot of multimodal commuting over the past year.

Even if you don’t have a folder, We could get some coffee and talk about some routes.


24 02 2011

Just an update – work has shortened my Seattle trip to just Saturday 5 March [have to leave sunday am…=-(] so I am thinking about organizing something downtown in the evening if there is anyone that wants to get together and chat bikes…maybe at a pub or something like that where we can have a bite and a beer?

24 02 2011

Where are you staying? there are plenty of options downtown, I’m partial to Fado or the Owl n’ Thistle. Both are sorta in between downtown and Pioneer Square.

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