SPT Lockable Tie Downs

12 12 2010

SPT Tour 13' Lockable Tie Downs

Update: I’ve had these straps for just over a year.  They were easy to use at first, but after about 10 days on my truck in rain and desert dusty conditions [not at the same time!] the locks have become very hard to turn.  Since the keys are small and thin I’m afraid of breaking them off in the locks.  I basically have some expensive non-locking tie downs now, but since they have cables inside them to prevent cutting they are a lot harder to use as regular tie downs than the typical Dakine units sold for $20 at a surf shop.  I’m going to try some graphite powder lock mechanism lube as my last resort before putting them in the “Fail Bin”.  A product like this needs to work for a year in harsh environments without maintenance for it to be useful.  As an example I lock my truck’s cap with normal low cost locks from a hardware store.  These locks see the same conditions as the locks in the straps. They last 2-4 years of constant use before I have any problems.  I can’t recommend these SPT locking tie downs.

If you need to leave big items on your truck at stops or overnight it’s nice to be able to lock them.  These SPT Pro Tour tie downs do just that.  They have two steel wire aircraft cables inside to prevent cutting and the lock also means once tightened they don’t slack off.  I’m using two sets of these at the moment and they work great.  Ideal for SUP boards and/or kayaks.

As with all locks a thief can and will get through them with time and the right tools.  This at least gives you protection from snatch and grab thieves.  I’ll be interested to see how the locking mechanism deals with saltwater in the air, dust, sand and gritty rain water on the highway.

Just a note that the manufacturer’s website lists a $90USD MSRP.  I got them for $60CDN so they are available for less if you shop around.


  • 33mm U.V stabilized webbing
  • 2 x hardened stainless steel cables
  • Soft Santoprene protective casing
  • Polished die cast buckle
  • Weather resistant lock with dust shutter
  • 4.0m strap



6 responses

19 11 2009

These probably deserve a mention on Cool Tools. I can’t vouch for the product myself, but you can (whilst promoting yourself a bit).

19 11 2009

Thanks for the link. I’ll see how I feel about them after the Baja trip and then I can provide a proper review.

19 11 2009

Two questions:

Are they very heavy?

Have you used them on your Big Dummy?

I’ve been looking for a good way to secure stuff to my BD without worrying about taking it straight home. Most of the solutions I’ve seen have been either prohibitively expensive and/or heavy, but this might just do the trick.

19 11 2009

They are heavier than typical tie downs….maybe twice as heavy, but that’s still not a lot of weight to carry around.

No I haven’t used them on the Dummy. They would work as long as the item you want to lock has a shape conducive to locking. You could also checkout PacSafe…they would work on some items these locking tie downs wouldn’t:


18 12 2010
Doug Peterson

Try white lithium grease in the locks. It comes in a spray can and is easy to squirt in thru key slots. I had several locks in outdoor locations that didn’t work properly and powdered graphite “lock lube” didn’t help. White lithium freed them up to where they work as when new.

18 12 2010

@Doug – thnx – will try it.

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