Surly Big Dummy Frame Bag #2

1 12 2010

My Big Dummy with a new Porcelain Rocket frame bag...

I’ve been using my triangular Porcelain Rocket Big Dummy frame bag [lower bag in photo above] since April and loving it.  It fits my bike perfectly and provides a very useful amount of storage for smaller items I want to grab during the ride.  The obvious question is do I really need more storage on a cargo bike?  The answer is yes – for small items.  The back end of a Big Dummy will swallow a huge box and another bicycle at the same time or 200lbs of dog food, but it’s not a great place to try and keep your cellphone, wallet and snacks.

Porcelain Rocket frame bag porn...

The new frame bag Scott [the man behind Porcelain Rocket] made for me attaches on top of the Big Dummy’s chainstays and only about half is visible when mounted.  Looking at the photo above the left half of the bag is actually out of sight under the Xtracycle deck and the bag is internally divided in half.  This gives you some semi-secret storage for valuable items or stuff you don’t need often.  I’ll be using this hidden storage for tools, tubes, a $20 emergency bill and my Pinhead locking QR key.  The upper compartment [to the right above] is a great place to stash stuff like a windbreaker, gloves, energy bars, etc…

A fully bagged Surly Big Dummy...

The bag mounts in seconds with generous velcro straps and fits the Dummy perfectly.  It looks like it belongs there and makes great use of otherwise wasted empty frame space without affecting my access to the cargo end of the bike.  The rear water bottle cage mounts are not obscured so you can carry a bottle back there.  My Big Dummy can still carry 3 water bottles with only the middle cage mount obscured by my triangular Porcelain Rocket frame bag.

Top notch construction...

Scott is a highly skilled craftsman and this bag exudes quality and robustness. It matches the lower frame bag perfectly using burly ripstop nylon and waterproof zippers with red pulls for a touch of flare.  My previous bag looks like new after 7 months and I expect this bag will last as long as my Big Dummy is rolling.  The fabric is waterproof as are the zippers.  The bag ins’t seam sealed so in an extended downpour it might let some water in at the stitching.  The triangular bag hasn’t leaked yet, but it is a bit more protected from rain my the frame.  I’m going to see what happens and if I get any water inside I’ll take the 30 minutes necessary to apply some seam sealant.

A peek inside...

The interior features a yellow lining so you can find stuff easily and a rigid plastic frame sheet for stiffness. There is a small mesh pocket on the right side of the bag to keep keys and coins from getting lost. The bag has an interior divider to keep the upper and lower contents separate.  The elastic loop on top will accept many brands of small pumps.

Upper velcro straps...

From the images above and below you can see that this bag isn’t going anywhere.  The 3 underside velcro straps take some effort to located and undo which should stop a lazy snatch and grab thief.  So far nobody has messed with my triangular frame bag on this bike when I have left it unattended.

Lower velcro straps under bag...

As you can tell I’m pretty stoked to have this new bag for my Big Dummy.  I’m a fan of high quality gear and getting something custom made for my bikes is a real treat.

The business end of my Dummy...

Scott does fully custom bike bags so no matter what make/model of bike you ride or what your needs are he can make something beautiful and functional for you.  Contact him through his Porcelain Rocket website.



4 responses

1 12 2010
Val Garou

See? Take off the xtracycle gear and this is the brevet train I’m talking about. Big wheelbase, comfy tires–perfect for long days in the saddle. Bulletproof Rohloff hub. Who needs to go that fast? If you get to a control early, you just have to wait!

I’m only half-kidding.

1 12 2010

I’m going to be owner of #2 of these bags, though Scott’s making mine extend most of the way up my seat post (I’m a bit taller than you) to give more storage and it’ll have document/map pockets on either side. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve not got one of the triangular ones as I use a regular MTB gear set-up so the front mech prevents its use.

Hoping to get the new bag when we get to Durango (Mexico) in a couple of weeks time)


10 07 2013
vikapproved | Xtracycle Accessories Review…

[…] can read my PR bag reviews here – top bag review and triangle bag […]

3 07 2016

I really do like these bags. I just bought a big dummy. Can’t wait to deck it out.

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