29 11 2010

I must have been thinking ahead to 2011!

Every year I have at least one project bike and try out some new gear that’s been on my mind.  My main focus for 2011 will be to upgrade and improve my existing rides.  Here is what I am thinking of for 2011:

  • I’m going to put some energy into learning to unicycle.  Paul lent me a couple unis to try out.  I haven’t got to the point where I’m for sure going to take this up, but I should know by the end of 2010.  If I do I’ll score a uni for myself.
  • Sharon has realized that although her cruiser/city bike is nice to look at she needs a more efficient ride if she is to cover a lot of kms riding to work and for errands.  So I’m going to build her a Surly Cross Check [in Robin’s Egg Blue] using the main parts from her cruiser.  The more aggressive riding position and option to go with drops should be useful while still ending up with a nice looking ride.  Assuming she loves it I’m thinking of adding a dynohub wheel and headlight in the fall of 2011 for her birthday as her commutes to work start getting darker.
  • We’ll save Sharon’s city bike frame and any parts we don’t swap over to build up a SS Burning Man bike for 2012 when we head to the playa again.
  • My trusty Surly LHT is going to get a dynohub and dyno headlight for 24/7 light action.  I’ve really enjoyed the dyno setup on my Bike Friday NWT and it’s time to give my LHT the same treatment.  I’ll use a Shimano dynohub, but haven’t settled on a headlight yet.  My LHT will also get some smooth fast rolling Grand Bois Cypres tires.  I’ve been waiting until the existing Marathon  XRs wear out, but that is taking forever so I’ll pull them and save them for when I need a heavier tire on a tour.  If I get really into it I’d like a bigger/longer mudflap on my LHT, but that would be a luxury…the existing one is adequate.
  • My Surly Big Dummy will get a dynohub [a 26″ Shimano dynohub wheel I used on my Thorn Nomad] as well as a dyno headlight. Not sure about the headlight yet.  I’m thinking I’ll probably get an uber nice one for the LHT and a nice, but reasonably priced one for the Dummy. I can always swap them if I need a killer light on the Dummy.  I’ll probably swap the Jones Loop H-bar into the Dummy to test it out.
  • My CETMA cargo bike will get a hydraulic disc brake on the front wheel to address the spongy brake action caused the long convoluted cable run. I still haven’t mounted fenders so that has to happen and I think, given the short rides I do with it, I’ll mount a less expensive SDG saddle and save the Selle Anatomica for a rig that sees bigger distances.  I’m considering pulling the Rohloff hub from the CETMA and replacing it with a cheaper Nuvinci IGH.  I feel like the Rohloff is kind of wasted in that bike and I’ve been interested in the Nuvinci so this would be a good opporttunity to try one out in an application where the smaller gear range and higher weight isn’t an issue.
  • My Bike Friday NWT will get some full coverage Planet Bike Fenders and some fresh white bar tape. If Solidlights is still doing the XB2 light upgrade I may send my Solidlights dyno light back to the UK to get the upgrade from brighter LEDs and a focused optic.
  • My Pugsley needs a saddle [I stole the Selle Anatomica for the CETMA from my Pug].  Rather than put the SA back on I’ll replace it with SDG plastic saddle unless I take it on tour where the SA would be appreciated.  I’d also like to swap in some MTB riser bars from my spare parts bin for the Titec H-bars to get a better relationship between the brake levers and the shifter/grips.  Right now I can’t have my hand on the grips fully while braking which is a problem in technical terrain.  I have a set of Surly Larry knobby 4″ tires I will be installing on the Pugsely in 2011 to improve traction in the wet.
  • My Bike Friday 8spd Tikit has a new stem riser waiting on installation.  The new one piece unit replaces the previous separate stem and steering riser combo.  I’ve got to replace the whole drivetrain on this bike since it hasn’t seen any love since new.  It also needs a new set of Greenspeed Scorcher TRs.
  • I’d like to get a tour of Vancouver Island in this spring…from Port Hardy back down to Victoria.
  • I’d like to fit in more mountain biking.  Kiteboarding dominates my summer weekends, but I can fit more mountain bike rides in during the week.

There is also some stuff that I’m less certain about that is bouncing around my brain.  These items may not happen, but who knows?

  • Getting a tandem.  I’m continuing to do research and will hopefully get some test rides in over the next few months to confirm our interest in riding on the same bike. I’ve got a few possibilities on paper right now, but nothing that is so compelling I’d rule out other options.
  • Alfine 11 – I’d like to try one out, but I haven’t got a solid idea of where I might use one.
  • Carbon belt – I’d like to try out a carbon belt drive at some point.  I’m not 100% sold on them, but without trying one it’s hard to speak about the benefits vs. a chain.
  • Trying out a BQ approved 650B rando style bike.  I’m curious if I’ll come to the same conclusions as Jan Heine and the only way to know is to try one. I’m not ready to spend top of the line custom $$ on one so I’d be looking at something that’s in production like the Boulder Cycles Randonneur.
  • I’m contemplating riding some more brevets this year…if I do it will be just the shorter ones [100K, 200K and 300K].  I’ve got to find my love of long solo training road rides.   I’ve also done all my previous brevets on a recumbent.  I don’t own a bent and I don’t see one in my immediate future so I’d probably press my Surly LHT or BBC 24 into service.
  • I’m considering building a bike storage area in my yard to free up garage space.  It would be a concrete pad with eye bolts sunken into the pad for locking points.  It would have a roof, but not be fully enclosed.  I’d lock up my more sturdy bikes there [like my Surly Big Dummy] giving me more room in the garage and also making getting rolling on these bikes faster.
  • I may get rid of one of my two fixed gear bikes to free up some space.  I love the fixed gear experience, but one bike would meet all my needs.



17 responses

29 11 2010
Val Garou

The Big Dummy w/ a couple of frame bags on the rear seems like an awesome brevet freight train.

29 11 2010

@Val – touring on a BD for sure, but fast multi-hundred click timed rides?…lol…I’m not a big enough engine to make that sound like fun…=-)

29 11 2010
Dr Jim

Ok Vik, So what are you going to do in February, now that we know what January looks like…..LOL

29 11 2010
Reed Kennedy

If you do learn to unicycle and make it back to Burning Man, be sure to come on the playa uni ride! About 20 folks last year, and a great way to tour the city.

29 11 2010
Daniel S

The best value headlight i’ve used with my dynohubs is the IQ Cyo. Reasonably cheap, and almost as good as ones twice as expensive.

29 11 2010
Matt Moody

While you are looking into tandems be sure to check out http://www.davincitandems.com/. We have a daVinci and it is a nice machine. My family really likes the independent cranking system. Ours is setup with racks for camping and S&S couplers for that once in a life trip to Europe!

29 11 2010

Wow, what a list! Makes my list (what list?) embarrassing. You’ve got me thinking though…Any look with the unis?

Question about saddles: Is there a real advantage to the B17S over the regular B17 for a woman on a tikit? Are there special versions of the B17 that should be thought of? You know where I live and the conditions we see. Are there care issues? Maybe you could do a post on your saddle choices.

30 11 2010

@Matt – DaVinci is on mt list of possibilities for sure as they are Canadian on top of all the other factors.

30 11 2010

@Paul – I ride the standard B17 and the sprung B17 [Champion Flyer]…they work well for me right out of the box. The S version is in theory for women and is a bit shorter front to back. I say in theory because saddles like shoes are all about fit. Some men might fit better on a B17 S and some women might like the standard B17 better. Brooks has a ton of saddle options. It really comes down to your anatomy and the relative height of the bars to the saddle. The B17 series is designed to work with bars that are close in height to the saddle. If your bars are a lot lower or much higher there are other models to look at.

I ride my B17s in the rain. I cover them when I stop, but they still get wet. Nothing major happens. I use the Brooks leather treatment a few times a year and don’t touch the adjustment bolt unless absolutely necessary.

30 11 2010

love the thoughtfulness of this list, Vik. my constantly changes even when i plan ahead, but i don’t mind the change in direction as long as it’s in good bike fun. for instance, i had plans of building a dynowheel and building lights for it (for my cross check), but those plans have been temporarily usurped by my recent fixed gear acquisition.
one question, what is the BBC 24? i don’t recall you mention that ride.

30 11 2010

@Alan – my list will undoubtably change…part of the reason I post stuff like this is to shame myself out of my slothfulness and get some long standing projects done. I’ve had full coverage fenders for my NWT sitting around for a couple years – sad really!

The BBC 24 is Rebranded Cannondale cross bike they spec for Bow Cycle. I mostly have covered it on my Bow Cycle blog. It’s the perfect Victoria BC road bike given the wet weather we have here in the winter.


How are you liking the fixed gear?

30 11 2010

ahh, yes, i remember reading about that bike now. i am liking my cross check so far as my Portland road bike where we have some similar weather. i do get what people say about a cross bike being a bit finicky in the turns, but i also like riding it in dirt, so i would say it is a fair trade-off.

and i know what you mean about the long projects. i have a few myself!

the fixed is super fun so far. i find myself at a bit of a conundrum though. i like that it is nice and clean and simple (even with fenders), but i am not a huge backpack guy. after switching to panniers, i don’t really want to go back to backpacks. AND i don’t really want to mess with the simplicity of the fixed with a rack. also thinking of putting a dyno on it as well…. it’s built on a pake c’mute frame. next year, i hope to use it as my ss cross racing bike.
new ride!

still have to dial it in a bit, need to bring the gearing up (it’s ~65 gear in. now, looking to go to ~75). just put the fenders on, and got some vittoria randonneurs for it.

2 12 2010

Vik, i was thinking about this on my commute yesterday. you mentioned not loving the hbars/brake/shifter on the pugs. we have the same setup there, and i was having trouble as well. i couldn’t grab onto my grip quickly cause my shifter triggers would get in the way. to alleviate this, i took a saw/dremel to them and hack them down to shifter ‘nubs’. now it is perfect. here is a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40010668@N06/4292907197/in/set-72157622277279413/

2 12 2010

@Alan – my problem is that in technical terrain….say a steep downhill…I want my hands on outer part of my H-bars for max leverage/control, but I can’t reach my brakes from there. So I have to ride with my hands further forward on a narrower part of the H-bar which compromises my control of the bike.

I’ve never had an issue with the shift levers – although that’s a crafty solution you came up with…=-)

16 12 2010
Focused Lights « The Lazy Randonneur

[…] and then spend my $$$ on anymore lights that blind other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.  As I noted in my 2011 To Do List post I want to upgrade the lighting on my bikes.  So I have ordered a B&M IQ Cyo from Peter White […]

21 03 2011

Hey Vik!

Speaking of Unicycles, I picked up a Nimbus 24″ Offroad ‘Muni’ cycle and I love it!!

I’ve never tried unicycling before but I’m so glad that I did. I have had the most positive experience with it.

I’ll hit you up on Facebook the next time I see you online, too!


27 07 2013

You’re obviously a cyclist who likes what he does and likes the best gear he can get. Try a recumbent tourer! Here’s my story. http://www.rogcha-pimpmybike.blogspot.com.au/

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