Bike Locking Case #3

25 11 2010

Surly LHT secured for a few hours...

Here I have locked up my Surly LHT while I had dinner downtown.  Chain lock secures frame to bike rack and a mid-grade cable secures both wheels to the chain.  I’ve pulled my lights and covered my Brooks with a saddle condom due to rain.  I realized afterwards I’d be better off with a plastic shopping bag on the saddle so it looked more ghetto. I was away from the bike for several hours while I ate and then went to a pub.  My trusty steed was right where I left her when I got back…=-)

This is my medium security setup.  The next step up would be a heavier chain and/or two separate chain locks to really discourage a thief.  It helps that this bike is relatively unremarkable looking so as to not attract too much attention in the first place.