Porcelain Rocket

23 11 2010

Photo: Cass Gilbert

Scott from Porcelain Rocket has been busy riding his bike down in the Southern US with Cass Gilbert recently.  The trip must have really fired up his creative engine because he came back with all sorts of great bike bag ideas.  I hope to get my hands on 3 new custom bags for my Big Dummy, my Santa Cruz Nomad and for Kurt’s Nomad. I’m excited!

Scott's personal bike all tricked out to bikepack...

I’ve been using the bag Scott made for my Surly Big Dummy on every trip I take with it.  It adds a lot of useful storage for small items that I can get to even if my Dummy is fully loaded and has survived all my abuse without problems.  Scott is gearing up for a busy winter so if you need any bikepacking bags for winter racing or for a tour down south of the equator drop Scott a msg through this website.

My new Porcelain Rocket Big Dummy bag...

Here is a sneak peek at my new Big Dummy frame bag.  I won’t say much more at this point, but it will be another nice addition to one of my favourite bikes…=-)

My first Porcelain Rocket frame bag...



8 responses

23 11 2010
Dr Jim

Hi Vik,

What kind of recommendations would you have for a large saddle bag?….thanks…..Jim

P.S. Am going to try a 50mm stem, hopefully that will fix my fit enough not to want to trade my Nomad frame in. …..still a GREAT bike……

23 11 2010

@Jim – what do you want to carry in it?

What type of bars do you have on your Nomad?

23 11 2010
Dr Jim

Well, about the bag….what would it be stuffed with? mostly stuff on my commute on the Serotta Legend Ti being treated as an Audax, (it would be the Audax Thorn if I could sell the Serotta)……….netbook, assorted little stuff wallet, tube, bike tool, seat cover for the brooks, etc.

About the bars on the nomad I have been using the Thorn comfort bars twisted back,(not very nice on the wrists really). It has a 90mm stem on now…..I am hoping the 31 to 40 mm difference will be enough. I did talk to the fella in Oregon about his handlebars. I am on the list for one of his new bars when the the new batch come in next month.

23 11 2010

For bags have a look at the larger Carradice seatbags. Something like the Nelson Longflap maybe. Wallbike sells them.

I would try some swept back bars on your Nomad. You should be able to get some unbranded ones for $25.

23 11 2010
Dr Jim

I just bought the Carradice longflap from SJS this afternoon. They finally got them back in stock. I didn’t know Wallbike had them, last I looked nobody had any left until today…..so I am looking forward to it along with the expedition brace under neath it to keep things stable.

I did get a 5 inch riser bar but I couldn’t get all that I wanted on the bar to fit. Even the rohloff, the ergo handle and brake was too long. I will start looking elsewhere for swept back bars. Any good clues where to start?…..Thanks Vik.

23 11 2010

Well you could check out a few online bike shops and see what they have for bars or go to your LBS and tell them what you are after they should be able to order you something in.

23 11 2010
Dr Jim

I have already started looking online….. rivendell has some nice nitto’s albatross, then there are some northwoods styles…..First I will see how the shorter stem helps…..thanks for the feedback…..happy trails.

1 12 2010
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