The beauty of being prepared…

21 11 2010

Ready to roll...

I would love to tell you I never drive when I could bike, but that’s not true.  I do bike a lot, but there are times like last night when I’m tired, it’s dark and cold out, rain is likely and I need to run out to get something from the grocery store.  Do I jump into my truck or do I ride?

It was a close call.  I ended up riding my Bike Friday NWT because:

  • it’s a bike I am stoked about
  • it fits me well
  • I can wear any shoes with it
  • it has fenders and racks
  • it has a dynohub and light that never needs charging
  • it has two tailights on it that rarely need batteries so one will always be working
  • it gets ridden enough that I know it’s tuned well and the tires have enough air
  • I keep grocery panniers by the door
  • I keep bike locks by the door
  • I keep all my bike/outdoor clothing organized so that grabbing the right gear takes little though and is fast
  • I have spares so that when two pairs of fleece gloves are in the laundry from a wet bike tour I can pull out a ratty 6yr old pair and keep rolling
  • I have bike friendly routes planned to all my usual destinations
  • I have safe spots to lock my bikes at all my usual destinations
  • I remind myself that biking is good for me and I’ll be glad I rode

When you look at that list it starts to become obvious that you don’t end up riding a bike by accident.  If I had to look for some charged batteries and swap a light over from another bike then look for my SPD bike shoes and search for a pair of gloves to wear and then I couldn’t remember where the grocery panniers got put away I might just say screw it and drive.  However, because at every turn when I have to make something happen it’s easy then I don’t get deflected from my goal to ride.

If you want to ride your bike next week you need to start putting the pieces together today.



3 responses

21 11 2010
Val Garou

This is all so very true. It’s hard to explain to other people, though, because when you see it all laid out like that, it seems like a lot of damn work. In practice though, it’s all small stuff that makes life easier.

25 11 2010
Bill Miller

HI, I’m the old(er) guy out in North Saanich that reads most of your stories. Great stuff! We camp, but in our ’90 Westfalia.
My bikes are 10 year old Brodie steel Evolution, and my Crusoe in John Deere green. Bought the Crusoe on Craigslist from Eugene, used last March. If I want to talk to someone, I ride the BF. Never a quiet moment at the coffee shops in Sidney when it’s parked beside me.
I also have an old ’75 BMW R90. Oh, and an older Beta Trials bike. All my stuff looks like new.
My Crusoe has BF poly fenders, with the little flaps. They wrap around the tire, and work well. I fitted a little flap at the bottom where the fender should end, to catch what the fender dumps on the rear brake. The front fender had to be de-riveted, rotated forward, and re-riveted.

26 11 2010

@ Bill – hey Bill if you are ever in town and want to grab a coffee and chat bikes drop me a line. I work at home and most days I can make a break for it for a short ride…=-) I’d love to see you Cursoe. I used to have a bunch of motorcycles and continue to lust after a BMW…=-)

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