Promotion Women’s Surf Wetsuit Sale

21 11 2010

It's superhero season on Vancouver Island...

Sharon and Tanya wanted to take up surfing this winter on Vancouver Island.  Sharon tried with her summer kiteboarding wetsuit at Jordan River and was too cold. Looking at new winter wetsuits in town the prices were $550+.  Then we noticed that Promotion had women’s winter surf wetsuits on sale for $216USD. All of our kiteboarding wetsuits are from Promotion, a small company in Hood River OR, and we are very happy with the fit, quality and functionality of them – plus they have great customer service.  So they ordered a couple up.  With the strong Canadian Dollar the price for both was less than the cost of 1 comparable new suit locally.  After try them on the girls were happy with the fit and are now scheming up a plan to take surfing lessons at Tofino BC with a girl’s surf school called Surf Sisters.

If you are a lady looking for a warm 6mm/4mm hooded surf wetsuit check out Promotion’s sale.  They actually have the same suit in men’s XL if you are a bigger guy and want one.  You’ll notice I’m wearing a hooded surf wetsuit in my last few surf related posts.  I got a Xcel 6/5/4mm suit used for $150 at a surf school in Tofino. If you are in the area the Tofino surf schools are clearing out their 2010 wetsuits and boards to make room for the new 2011 stuff and deals can be had.

The beauty of being prepared…

21 11 2010

Ready to roll...

I would love to tell you I never drive when I could bike, but that’s not true.  I do bike a lot, but there are times like last night when I’m tired, it’s dark and cold out, rain is likely and I need to run out to get something from the grocery store.  Do I jump into my truck or do I ride?

It was a close call.  I ended up riding my Bike Friday NWT because:

  • it’s a bike I am stoked about
  • it fits me well
  • I can wear any shoes with it
  • it has fenders and racks
  • it has a dynohub and light that never needs charging
  • it has two tailights on it that rarely need batteries so one will always be working
  • it gets ridden enough that I know it’s tuned well and the tires have enough air
  • I keep grocery panniers by the door
  • I keep bike locks by the door
  • I keep all my bike/outdoor clothing organized so that grabbing the right gear takes little though and is fast
  • I have spares so that when two pairs of fleece gloves are in the laundry from a wet bike tour I can pull out a ratty 6yr old pair and keep rolling
  • I have bike friendly routes planned to all my usual destinations
  • I have safe spots to lock my bikes at all my usual destinations
  • I remind myself that biking is good for me and I’ll be glad I rode

When you look at that list it starts to become obvious that you don’t end up riding a bike by accident.  If I had to look for some charged batteries and swap a light over from another bike then look for my SPD bike shoes and search for a pair of gloves to wear and then I couldn’t remember where the grocery panniers got put away I might just say screw it and drive.  However, because at every turn when I have to make something happen it’s easy then I don’t get deflected from my goal to ride.

If you want to ride your bike next week you need to start putting the pieces together today.