Jeff Jones Loop H-Bars

18 11 2010

Titec H-bar top - Jeff Jone Loop H-Bar bottom...

I love my Titec H-bars.  I own three. Right now my Surly Big Dummy and Surly Pugsley are rocking H-bars.  I’m considering swapping in my 3rd H-bar [freed up when I sold my Thorn Nomad] to my Surly 1×1.  The one issue with H-bars is that they have a limited amount of space below the crossbar of the “H” to mount a shifter and grip.  This means you end up with your brake lever above the crossbar and some compromises to your control setup.

Grip portion of Loop H-bar is nice and long...

I’ve figured out a couple setups that work for me through trial and error, but they are not ideal. Jeff Jones [designer of the H-bar that Titec builds under license] makes a variety of sweet bar options that would be perfect for me, but they cost $400+ and for that kind of $$$ I’m okay with what I have.  So I was pretty stoked to see this Loop H-bar option on Jeff’s website fabricated out of aluminum for $120 – about twice what I paid for my Titec H-bars, but within the realm of sanity for me.  Stock was limited so I ordered up one.

Grip area comparison...

The photos in this post show the main differences between the Titec H-bar and the Jones Loop H-bar:

  1. grip area below the crossbar is much longer on the Loop H-Bar
  2. overall grip is a bit narrower on the Loop H-bar
  3. minimal rise on the Loop H-bar
  4. crossbar on Loop H-bar curves away from rider significantly
  5. Loop area allows mounting accessories up front and adds aero grip area, but no controls can be mounted forward of crossbar now

Loop H-bar is a bit narrower...

So what does this all mean?  Well I should be able to mount my Rohloff shifter, brake lever and a full Ergon Grip on the Loop H-bar without having to hack away at the Ergon Grip.  This should be better from a comfort perspective and allow easier reach to the brakes which will allow for more control in a technical downhill section.  Of course it is really hard to evaluate the rest of the more subtle differences that exist between these bars.  I’ll have to mount the Loop H-bars up and see what I think after a few months.  I would have waited until I had more info and had some test kms under my belt, but I was too stoked to wait…plus I figured somebody out there might want a head’s up so they can get in on the last few bars left from this production run.

Thanks Jeff Jones for making some lower cost bars – that rocks!…=-)