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14 11 2010

Getting a little carried away...

One of the first things I do with most of my bikes is to fit front and rear racks.  When you have a couple dedicated cargo bikes it may seem excessive to have dual racks on so many bikes.  The thing is I tend to get carried away when I run my errands and with racks on your bikes as well as a few straps you can turn any bike into a hauler on short notice.

Small wheel - big load...

I also take a perverse pleasure collecting things along my ride and having people exclaim “…you can’t carry that on your little bike…” just to have me prove them wrong…=-)



4 responses

14 11 2010
Dr Jim

Hey Vik, Is that an old playing card in your front wheel?… know like when we were kids…….going down the street……..flap flap flap flap! So funny if it is.


15 11 2010
Rob E.

My bicycle fund keeps getting raided by other concerns, which means my bike has been without a front rack since my cheap Nashbar rack broke almost a year ago. I could scratch up the money for a new Nashbar rack, but I want something sturdier and more functional: platform and panniers, probably OMM. You’d think after a year that I’d be used to my lack of a front rack, but I find a situation almost every week where I wish I had it. So, I hear you. You absolutely don’t /need/ a front rack for most daily use, but it sure is nice to have it there when you want it. And, yes, “You can’t carry that on your bike.” is a challenge that’s hard to ignore.

15 11 2010

@Jim – those are spoke cards…that some people put in their wheels not to make a noise, but as decoration or to commemorate a ride or event. I do recall putting cards in my spokes to make noise as a kid. I was easily amused!

15 11 2010
Dr Jim

Me too. IT is great fun in life to be so easily amused.

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