Bike Locking Case #2

12 11 2010

Locked up while I get my java on...

With my gearing newly sorted out I’ve been stoked to ride my Bike Friday NWT lately.  Wednesday I rode with Sharon to her office at the hospital and then killed an hour before my morning meeting getting caffeinated at Discovery Coffee in Oak Bay.  I’m an espresso snob and I’m happy to report their offering is above average.  I locked my bike with a chain around a post.  Since I could see my bike from my table I didn’t bother with an additional cable I had nor did I remove any lights.

Kryptonite chain lock...

I like this lock because it’s light and seems robust enough to survive a fast attack.  I don’t expect it to be enough for a determined thief, but I don’t leave my bikes unattended all day nor do they get locked in the same spot day after day.

Keeping an eye on the old girl...

The best security accessory is a good vantage point.

Time for a pint...

After my morning meeting [where my bike was safely parked in a backyard] I met up with local Long Haul Trucker Aaron at the Penny Farthing Pub in Oak Bay.  Sadly this pub with a bike-ish name has no bike rack in front of it.  It does have this really thick post though. My little chain lock couldn’t get around the post so I used my extension cable through the wheels and the chain around just the frame.  That cable isn’t great security, but it’s something and I placed the chain with the hope it might look like it was around the post.  Not all thieves graduate at the top of their class!

I see you!

Given my less than perfect locking situation I chose a table with a view and I took the lights off my bike because my back was to the window so I couldn’t keep an eye on her as well as I would have liked.




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12 11 2010


Would you ride your NWT on a century?


12 11 2010

Yes I’d ride the NWT on a century….bearing in mind that it is a touring bike so it’s not the fastest possible steed. Bike Friday has more performance oriented road bikes that might be a better choice if your main focus was riding long distances without any cargo. OTOH a NWT can handle everything from commuting, grocery shopping to long bike tours and centuries. Personally I like that flexibility.

13 11 2010

Hi Vic,
speaking of versatility, I’m living in Japan and have a Thorn Sterling which I use for touring but it’s too expensive a bike to use for everyday commuting.
Don’t want to leave my Rohloff parked up all day.

Now that my beater Schwinn MTB is costing to maintain with parts wearing out, I’ve talked to my local LBS about a Surly Troll build using the Alfine 11 speed. I’ll be using it mostly for a one hour commute every day but for lots of other things too including riding in the rain ( yeah, I’m crazy) and a bit of rough stuff but not full on MTBing so I’m planning to put V brakes and an SLX double crank on it ( versatikity, oops, I mean versatility..I don’t have a bike friday! ) and I fancy trying some Schwalbe Big Apples on it. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on this build up, The bike shop is suggesting Mavic XM719’s for the rims and will build up the wheels for me.With weatherproofing in mind, do you know if it’s worth using XT level or an SLX hub on the front instead of a plain old Deore? i’m guessing the sealing would be better on the XT.

Surly frames are not the bargain here in Japan that they are in the U.S. and Canada ( In fact they’re fairly expensive for plain Cromoly) so since it’s going to cost me I want to get the build right!

always something interesting on your site
keep riding!

13 11 2010

@Steve – sorry I don’t really know if LX or XT hubs have any different seals. I’ve never had a problem with the LX hubs I’m using so if the price is quite a bit different I’d probably go with the LX units. I’ve used XM717 rims to good effect I haven’t checked the specs on the XM719, but they should be similar. If you are going to do a lot of rain riding you want to think about disc brakes of at least get disc ready hubs if you want to use them later on. I’ll be interested in hearing how you like the Surly Troll and the Alfine 11.

13 11 2010

Thanks for the quick reply, will let you know how I get on. I know the rule of thumb is that discs work better than V brakes in the wet but in practice i haven’t found much of a difference, I run XTR v’s on my Sterling and Avid BB7’s on my Kona MTB, Both work fine in the wet. Stands to reason that discs will slow you down more quickly but with correct braking technique I find V brakes are excellent on the road, plus you have less weight, no rotors to get bent and a low maintenance set up. Overall in ten years of riding I’ve had more issues with discs than v’s. You’re right about disc ready hubs being a smart move though ( just in case I change my mind!!! ) so I’ll factor that in to my build list.

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