Victoria Unicycle Club?

10 11 2010


So I’m feeling the urge to try my hand at unicycling.  In the summer I saw a poster for a unicycling club here in Victoria British Columbia at a LBS.  I called the bike shop and they remember the poster, but it’s gone and nobody recalls the contact info.  I don’t want to buy a unicycle and struggle on my own so I’m hoping to connect with this local club.  I tried google and found references to it that are a bit out of date, but no contact info. So I figured I would try posting on my blog and hope that someone googling unicycling in Victoria BC might stumble across this post and be able to connect me with someone at the club.

So if you know anyone who is part of a local unicycling club in Victoria leave me a comment – I would really appreciate it!

BTW – sadly Surly appears to have killed their fat tire unicycle [the Conundrum] due to poor sales so if I do become a uni-xpert I’ll have to ride something more pedestrian.



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10 11 2010


Its only a 20″ wheel, but its also usually only ~$150. And its from Sun Bikes, available through J&B Importers (I think), which most any bike shop can get.

That’s what I picked up a few years back for a uni. It was that for $150, or a ‘regular’ tire’d one for $100. The extra ‘WTF’ factor of the fatty tire has been worth it. Though I can see myself getting a larger 24″ or maybe 26″ someday.

10 11 2010

I got a conundrum on closeout and slowly built it up… still shows some in stock.

I have a hookworm on it now for learning, and am getting better. maybe in the spring an off road tire…


10 11 2010

There’s always the Kris Holm unicycles. Really sweet stuff.

10 11 2010

Our house has three of them and my daughter is the main one who rides. She learned on a normal 24″ Semcycle XT and got a 20″ Kris Holms trials uni several months ago. There is a 26″ Nimbus muni in the attic for a xmas present (ssshhh!) too.

I’ve been learning on the 24″ since it’s our beater uni and have been doing fairly well though i need to put more time in. I can ride 50-100 feet pretty regularly.

My daughter plays bike polo on the 24″ uni and drives us two-wheeled players nuts since she can turn on a dime!


10 11 2010

Ya I think I better stick with a cheap uni to start. I priced out a fully built Condundrum at ~$1K which at this point seems excessive unless I develop some skills. $100-$150 is a reasonable risk for something I may sell in 6 months.

10 11 2010

I’ve got one you can borrow if you want (2 if you want to fix one up)

Did you talk to the guys at Fairfield about the club??

10 11 2010

Ya I asked at Fairfield [where I saw the poster] and they recall the poster, but it’s gone and nobody remembers the details. I’d be happy to borrow a uni from you if you aren’t using it a lot at the moment. What size wheel does it have?

10 11 2010

One is a 20″ X 2.5″ knobby tired unit in good shape (nothing fancy) the other is an ancient Norco with a 24″ wheel. It needs a tire and tube for sure and maybe a bit more love. It would be a great starter (probably) because it can’t be more beat up than it already is. If I come into town, I’ll give you a call and drop them off.

12 11 2010
Elise Giddings

You might check with Justin et al at
Although they are primarily a (awesome) dealer of electric bike kits, they’ve also taken on unicycles lately because a number of the employees are really into it. They’re located in Vancouver (BC) and I think Justin has a connection with Victoria or Vancouver Island. A chance he might know of some connections in the area.

2 12 2010

Hi I am an agent for international students from Japan. One of my students is a good unicycle rider. He wants to come Canada to ride with someone in Victoria March 2011. Is there any club or an organization to do with us?

Call at 250-382-8292. Ask May or Yumi.

2 12 2010

May – I haven’t found a club yet, but your student can contact me through this blog when he gets here and I will help him out connecting with other local uni riders if I meet any!

4 01 2011

Be careful about learning unicycling! I picked it up a year ago, almost on a lark, and it’s ended up cutting significantly into my bicycling time. Getting connected with a club is surely the best way to learn, but if you’re like me and can’t find a local club, there are good resources online. With some guidance, self-teaching can be done.
If you do end up a unicyclist, consider this: it will be the lightest vehicle in your stable, will easily fit in the trunk of most cars, can be carried on your back, and best of all if you have a flat tire you can walk and still get to your destination on time.

1 08 2011

hey,so i heard talk about a unicycle club in victoria,but by the sounds of it,there is not one?if i am wrong and there is one i would really like to join it,so please leave the info here for me.if i am right i will be about 3 mybe 4 weeks in vancouver then i will be moving to victoria and will be willing to start a unicycle club for anyone who is interested in joining a club.i will have more details on it when i get back to victoria.thank you all.

29 09 2011

The UVic juggling club at owns a couple unicycles, and we have several people who are good enough to teach. The club’s free to join (although there is an unfortunate $7 fee to get in the building) and you don’t have to be a student. We’re not primarily a unicycling club, however, and don’t have as much space as unicyclists might want.

I am in contact with the semi-mythical unicycling club. They only meet intermittently, and only if they think several people will come out. I don’t really want to put their leader’s email address out on the web for the spambots to see, but if you contact the juggling club through (we get plenty of spam already), we can put you in touch.

Kyle – if you start a club, please let us know. We like to keep aware of that sort of thing.

27 01 2012
Cam Rawlinson

Wow… Lots of responders here.. Howdy Kyle.. Howdy Patrick . Nice of you to host this thread Rando.. We have met of course.. The club is zero budget and low key , but we do have a Website. or both work. It’s primarily just the Calendar of Clinics & Rides. Kyle and I are riding out of the downtown Macdonalds on Wednesday Mornings at 8am (started in Jan 2012) We started the clinics again too. Next one is Thurs Feb 23 2012 at 6:30PM. Meet in front of the main library (Macpherson ) at the University of Victoria. We’ll move clinics to the Downtown Victoria area in April .

Cheers, Cam My contact info is on the website.

28 01 2012

Thanks Cam. I’ll be at the next clinic in Feb. I’d come to the Wed ride except I can’t ride my uni 2′ yet…lol! I need help!…=-)

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