Big Dumb Security…

10 11 2010

Hose clamp = $1.40 front wheel security...

I followed a suggestion made in the comment section of one of my recent Surly Big Dummy posts and installed a hose clamp on the front QR of my Dummy.  Because the OMM rack [which I love] requires a really long skewer up front I couldn’t use the Pinhead locking skewer I had [it will probably find a home on the front wheel of my Surly 1×1].  Rather than get a hold of a Pinhead rear wheel locking skewer coded to the same key I already have I figured this was a reasonable alternative.  Although it can be opened it takes a lot more time/hassle than a QR and since the OMM rack requires the whole skewer be removed to take off the front wheel I think this is enough theft deterrence given the low cost of the wheel.

If you are looking for a bit more security for your wheels and don’t need a fort knox level setup this may be the best $3.00 that you spend.



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10 11 2010

If you wanted to make an (expensive) conversion to another system, Pitlock skewers come in lengths of 200+mm, and they can be trimmed to size. There’s a North American reseller based in Ottawa.

10 11 2010

If I wanted I could use a rear Pinhead to work on the front of my BD, but given the low cost of that front wheel it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

10 11 2010

Infiniti 3D looks like it will be a lot more expensive but looks like being the most secure solution to expensive parts. I hope to get some for my Bullitt Cargo bike although your clip is a good temporary solution.

10 11 2010
Rob E.

I had heard that you could mount an OMM rack using the front rack fork mounts instead of the wheel skewer. Would this solve your problem, or perhaps the Big Dummy doesn’t have front fork mounts. Just wondering because I was planning on getting an OMM rack and pinhead lock system for my Long Haul Trucker, and I should probably plan ahead if they’re incompatible. Although at the moment, I just lock my front wheel and frame with the U-lock. The rear wheel doesn’t have a quick release, so I don’t worry about it as much. Actually, I guess in my situation, I’ll already have a spare, rear pinhead skewer since I can’t use it on the rear. Problem solved.

10 11 2010

@Rob – ya there are other ways to mount an OMM rack, but this configuration has worked well for a long time plus I am too lazy to change it up just to be able to use a locking skewer. That front wheel is nothing special so I’m not overly worried about it.

It’s the $1500+ Rohloff at the back I don’t want to replace!

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