Victoria Unicycle Club?

10 11 2010


So I’m feeling the urge to try my hand at unicycling.  In the summer I saw a poster for a unicycling club here in Victoria British Columbia at a LBS.  I called the bike shop and they remember the poster, but it’s gone and nobody recalls the contact info.  I don’t want to buy a unicycle and struggle on my own so I’m hoping to connect with this local club.  I tried google and found references to it that are a bit out of date, but no contact info. So I figured I would try posting on my blog and hope that someone googling unicycling in Victoria BC might stumble across this post and be able to connect me with someone at the club.

So if you know anyone who is part of a local unicycling club in Victoria leave me a comment – I would really appreciate it!

BTW – sadly Surly appears to have killed their fat tire unicycle [the Conundrum] due to poor sales so if I do become a uni-xpert I’ll have to ride something more pedestrian.

Finding gear reviews…

10 11 2010

Flickr photo index...

If you are ever looking for gear reviews on this blog here are a few ways to navigate:

  1. Search – there is a search box on the right side of the screen [directly under the category list] where you can enter any words related to the item of interest – [ie. ortlieb pannier review]
  2. Categories – you can click on Bike & Gear Reviews from the category list at the top right of the page which will take you to all the reviews I’ve done.  You can also click on a specific category [like Folding Bikes] to see all related posts including reviews.  Both methods will involve some scrolling and jumping pages to find what you are after.
  3. Tags – you can use the tags at the bottom right of the screen the same way you did the category list to find what you are after.
  4. Photo Index – I’ve started putting photos from my reviews into one folder on Flicker that you can visually search and then click on the link provided as a caption to each photo.  Not every review is indexed this way since I only started this year.  I may go back and index previous reviews if people find this tool useful.

Big Dumb Security…

10 11 2010

Hose clamp = $1.40 front wheel security...

I followed a suggestion made in the comment section of one of my recent Surly Big Dummy posts and installed a hose clamp on the front QR of my Dummy.  Because the OMM rack [which I love] requires a really long skewer up front I couldn’t use the Pinhead locking skewer I had [it will probably find a home on the front wheel of my Surly 1×1].  Rather than get a hold of a Pinhead rear wheel locking skewer coded to the same key I already have I figured this was a reasonable alternative.  Although it can be opened it takes a lot more time/hassle than a QR and since the OMM rack requires the whole skewer be removed to take off the front wheel I think this is enough theft deterrence given the low cost of the wheel.

If you are looking for a bit more security for your wheels and don’t need a fort knox level setup this may be the best $3.00 that you spend.