New World Tourist Gearing Part 4

8 11 2010

Back to the beginning...

If you have been following all the gearing changes my Bike Friday NWT has undergone you’ll recognize that my latest configuration looks a lot like its original configuration with a 23T cog and 53T chainring. Having tried the 23T x 46T setup for over a year I’ve come to the conclusion that’s just too low for everyday riding.  A 50T up front would probably be ideal, but I had a brand new 53T ring sitting around so that’s what I’ll use.  Sadly the NWT cranks don’t look as spiffy as they did with the Sugino 46T bling on them, but I’d rather have 8 gears I can use than the 3 or 4 that are currently seeing action.

Of course part of the blame in all these changes lies in the paradigm shift that has occurred since I started riding fixed gear bikes.  When you get on fine with one gear and no coasting an 8 speed IGH seems like lots of options.