Black Ops!

6 11 2010

What bike?

Kurt sent me a last minute text asking if I wanted to see Inception at the IMAX last night.  I had seen it already, but figured a 6 story high screen couldn’t hurt the film and now that I know what happens I wanted to see how that changed my perception of the first portion of the film.  Trouble was it was raining and I didn’t want to lock up any of my bikes outside the theatre – I stil haven’t got a full handle on the bike theft/vandalism threat downtown at night.  Riding a Bike Friday Tikit was an obvious option except that the IMAX theatres tend to not have many good spots to leave a bike inside and the staff can get antsy about a folder being a safety hazard.

I decided to ride my older Tikit because it was a bit messy out.  I have been riding the fixed gear One Way Tikit all summer so the old girl hasn’t seen as much action lately as usual.  All she needed was some air in the tires and some lights.  It didn’t take long to remember how much I like my black beauty.  Riding down the MUP at night in a light rain was peaceful.  It was fun to blow past folks on full sise bikes and hear then exclaim – “what kind of bike is that???”.

At the theatre I folded up my Tikit and deployed the shower cap cover for maximum stealth.  I don’t use this cover often, but I am glad to have it so that I can penetrate high scrutiny environments.  One of the senior ushers gave me the stink eye as I waited in line outside the theatre.  He was headed over to hassle me when he got a call on his radio – whew!  I had Kurt and his brother walk on either side of me while I carried my Tikit into the theatre past the other ushers and managed to find it a seat of its own in the middle of a row.  Luckily the movie wasn’t sold out so nobody tried to occupy what looked like an empty seat.

Kurt suggested I unfold the Tikit and ride it out of the theatre to freakout the ushers, but I didn’t want to burn any bridges for my next covert mission!