GDR by Unicycle?

4 11 2010

Matt & Gracie on the GDR...

The GDR is a long challenging ride for anyone, but think about doing the ride on a unicycle, carrying everything on your back, no suspension, no panniers or trailers and no gears.  I don’t think my brain could even handle thinking about such a trip let alone actually completing the ride.  Well Gracie and Matt did it…setting off from Banff Alberta they rode the Adventure Cycling Association GDR route to Mexico.  They covered something like 2,700miles – mostly dirt.  Awesome.

Check out their site with details from their trip.

I saw that there is a local unicycling club I may just join and get my uni on.  If these guys can ride the GDR I should be able to ride down the block to get some milk…=-)