Don’t sweat your gadgets…

3 11 2010

Low cost iPhone condom...

I carry around a digital camera and iPhone almost all the time.  I ride my bikes a lot.  Unfortunately that means my electronic gadgets have been exposed to the warm moist climate inside my wind/rain shells.  Warm moist air condenses inside these items and they fail.  I’ve wrecked 3 different devices before I clued into what was happening.

Here are a few ways to prevent this from happening:

  • put the device[s] into a ziplock bag or other waterproof container
  • don’t carry them inside a waterproof shell or inside a pocket on a waterproof shell that vents to the inside of the jacket
  • carry devices in your upper pant pockets that are protect from rain by your shell, but not saturated with warm wet air
  • use waterproof devices like an underwater digital camera
  • carry devices in a bag off your body

So far I’ve been lucky and awesome companies like Canon have fixed my devices under warranty even though they knew it was my fault…[precisely why I buy Canon products whenever possible].  I doubt Apple would be as forgiving and I don’t want to forcibly upgrade my expensive iPhone so I pay a lot more attention now to where I stow my electronics.

For the most part I stash them in the front pockets of my pants where they stay dry from rain and don’t sit inside the steamy sauna that is my jacket.  If in doubt ziplock bags rock and will even stave off dropping an iPhone into the ocean as long as you recover it fast.