Pro Bike Stand

23 10 2010

Pro Bike Stand in action...

I’ve got a garage now which is awesome for storing bikes compared to my old apartment.  The only trouble is I have to organize my bikes in a way that is flexible as I ride different bikes at different times of the year or as my moods change.  Leaning bikes up against one another works, but they get damaged and it’s a real PITA to get out a bike that’s near the inside of a six bike pile up.

Simple and effective...

So I picked up 5 of these Pro Bike Stands. They are simple aluminum stands that you just drop a bike into.  They stack if you don’t need them and they work fine inside or out because they don’t rust.  They have worked with all my bikes [700c, 26″ & 20″] – although I haven’t tried them with my 16″ wheeled Tikit yet.

Great for changing storage needs...

They hold a bike securely enough that you can do maintenance tasks as long as you don’t really have to torque on a BB or crank or something  like that.  I can change up the configuration of my garage in a few minutes and it’s reasonably easy to space the bikes so I can conserve the available room and still get a bike out of the middle of the pack without a huge hassle.

Rubberized fork holds bike at the axle...

I can drop a bike into these stand with one hand on the saddle lowering the left side rear axle into the rubberized fork on the top of the stand.  A bike comes out just as easily.  I paid a bit over $100 for a box of 5 and I would recommend them to anyone looking for some help organizing their fleet or even to the single bike owner who lives in an apartment and doesn’t want to mark up the walls by leaning a bike against them.



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23 10 2010
John Romeo Alpha

Those look great, and I admit that I need some. About five would do it. Thanks!

27 10 2010

i use scrap wood that i found when walking the dog. just screw two chunks of 2×4 to 1or 2 other pieces of wood to make a slot. it’s not pretty, but it’s almost free. thinking of making one long one for all the bikes to get it nice and stable. get it? ‘stable’? haggahaggahagga

31 10 2010

Hey Vik,

What about hanging some bikes from the ceiling of the garage as well. That way you can keep the less used ones easier to get at. I have a double car garage, and the two wheelers have kickstands, and the bikes w/o that did not get used much were hanging. Of course in the winter (you do remember snow) most of them get moved to basement, so van goes in garage.


31 10 2010

@B – I have a deck project on the go – very slowly as my friend who is helping me only has a limited amount of free time/week and I’ve been away for work a bunch…so about 1/3 of my garage is full of tools/supplies for this project. Until it gets done I don’t want to spend any time doing anything permanent in the garage.

I have bought some bike hooks to hang up some of my bikes. When the deck is done I’ll tackle that project.

8 03 2011

Found this site looking for bike stand. Where did you get the 5 stands in a box for $100? That’s a good deal. Thanks.

8 03 2011

5 for $100 was over a year ago at a LBS in Calgary Alberta.

29 07 2011


I need 3 stands for my bikes and had shortlisted these along with another stand. These were my preferred stands but wasn’t sure how effective they’d be. Thanks to your post, gonna order them right away.

Thanks again!

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