Grocery Run…

20 10 2010

Only two panniers?

I took a quick run to the grocery store yesterday.  I was supposed to just grab a few things for lunch and dinner, but I’m so used to riding a cargo bike that I kept adding more and more large items to the cart.  I was getting a bit concerned as I packed my panniers at the checkout that I might have to sling some bags over my bars.  Luckily I just got everything to fit.

It’s pretty funny when a touring bike feels puny!…=-)



3 responses

20 10 2010

That’s funny. I have that same issue. I catch myself using my Xtracycle much more than I need to because of that “What if?” potential. Then when I force myself to ride my Cross Check, I’m always nervous about fitting it all in.

20 10 2010

Hey Vik, How do you like beeing able to just grab whatever bike you like to take for a ride?? I notice you posting about more different bikes at random lately… Is it beacuase they are easier to grab then when you lived in an appartment??

Keep posting… 🙂

20 10 2010

@Greco – I don’t actually think I have better access here than I did at my apartment. The garage is nice because I can make a mess and it doesn’t matter – plus I don’t have to look at all my stuff in the garage on a day to day basis which is nice. I’m riding different bikes just because the situation here in Victoria is different. In Calgary I tended to do multiple very short trips per day and bike theft was a big problem. Here I tend to do only one or two longer [5km+ rides] in a day and bike theft isn’t as much of an issue.

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