Surfrider & TLC Jordan River Paddle Out…

18 10 2010

Double over-ankle surf!

The Surfrider Jordan River Paddle Out yesterday was a lot of fun.  It was nice to meet a bunch of local surfers and hang out in the sunshine.  The weather was perfect – the waves not so much.  Of course on a SUP almost any waves are rideable so a few were caught!

I didn’t realize that the beach access at Jordan River was owned by a forestry company and was being offered for sale. and The Land Conservancy [TLC] want to buy the land to protect access and water quality in the area. I think they need $3million+ so no small task.  I donated to the cause and joined Surfrider.

Thanks for caring...

After my forced junk food extravaganza in the Yukon I decided not to eat any burgers at the BBQ and stuck to some snacks I brought with me. Although the BBQ was tempting my tummy thanked me for the rest of the day!

I didn’t participate in the wetsuit changing contest, but I did shoot a video…=-)

Waiting for the waves...

Everyone paddled out into the kelp and formed a circle to generate some good vibes. Being on a SUP I stayed high and dry which was nice.  Even sitting down I was able to cross my legs and sit completely out of the water – one of the benefits of paddling an aircraft carrier!

Another great day on Vancouver Island...

I paddled around for a while after folks started leaving to try and catch a few micro waves.  I’m glad I made the trip out to Jordan River and I’ll definitely be back when there is a some bigger swell rolling in.



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18 10 2010

That was fun to watch (the video)!

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