Bag your stick…

17 10 2010

My precious Mako 140 in its bag...

No this isn’t a post about safe sex. But I am a big believer in protecting your valuable equipment. So I guess it’s a similar message…=-)

Whenever I buy a new or used board I get a bag for it.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a snowboard, SUP, kiteboard or surfboard.  I even have bags for my SUP paddles.

Why bother?

  • protective bags cost about $30-$100 depending on size [my 11′ SUP bags were $80]
  • boards cost $500-$2000
  • bags last 10 years+
  • riding a pristine board = priceless
  • selling a used board in excellent condition will recoup your cost for the bag and you can use the same bag for another board
  • bags make it easy and fast to pack your gear because you don’t have to spend time worrying about damaging it
  • bags protect the inside of your vehicle and house from the boards that have sharp edges or wax on them

The economics of protecting your valuable gear is straightforward.  For about 1% per year you can keep your boards in tip top shape as well as protecting your vehicle and house from the boards.  You’ll easily see that investment returned when you go to sell the board used and personally I absolutely love pulling out an old board that looks sweet because it hasn’t been bashed around in the bed of my pick up.

No board is too big to bag...




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19 12 2010
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4 01 2011
David kittrick

I surf longboards shortboards and have recently got myself a custardpoint inflatable sup and carbon paddle, i was intrested in what kind of surf rack you use on your bike, i have the carver surf rack, that fits nicely to the seat post of my surly pugsley, but unfortunately it only accommodates a board up to eight feet, i don’t drive so getting the longer boards to the beach is a bit of a pain, the inflatable sup is no problem as i can pack it up and put it in a ruck sack.

4 01 2011

@ David – the bike in the photo is a Surly Big Dummy cargo bike which can carry an 11′ SUP no problem. I’ve carried two which was not ideal, but okay for short distances.

Poised to Ride

You can add this to any sturdy bike to achieve the same effect:

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