CETMA Light Upgrade

16 10 2010

Thorn Accessory Bar...

My bikes are, for the most part, all weather day/night machines.  Mounting a taillight to my CETMA cargo bike was no problem. I used one of the Radbot lights I reviewed a few weeks ago.  a front light was a bit more hassle.  Putting a light on the bar didn’t work very well as the cargo box and passenger [if I had one] got in the way.  So I mounted a Thorn Accessory Bar I had in my spares bin above the front wheel.

Wheel's eye view...

This worked great.  There is room for two Dinotte 200L-AA lights or just about any other bike headlight that attaches to a handle bar.  The mount is very secure and doesn’t get in the way when I don’t need to use it.  You can of course achieve the same effect with an old stem and a cut down section of handlebar.

Ladies can't resist a well lit cargo bike...

Dual Dinotte LED lights provide a ton of light up front. I added a some battery powered glowstix for some bling.  The CETMA was a total chick magnet…=-)

CETMA lighting in full effect...



3 responses

16 10 2010
The Grand Panjandrum

Very nice bling indeed. IIRC you use packing tape to secure the glow sticks?

16 10 2010

Yup….packing tape works pretty well for the short term and comes off easy. I don’t leave them on for weeks at a time so it might be better to use zipties if that’s what you are after.

16 10 2010

WOW. Vik, I hadn’t known about this until now. What a great accessory. Simple, elegant, obvious advantage. Bike lookin’ great, it’s good to see new pics!

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