Wingnut’s Complete Surfing…

5 10 2010

A surfing textbook..

I’ve checked out quite a few books on surfing.  There is probably no single book that has all the information you could want for a sport as complex as this, but Wingnut’s Complete Surfing is a standout as a guide for the beginner.  It covers all the major topics from understanding waves, to understanding surf boards to basic maneuvers.  It’s all you’ll need [plus some lessons] to started wave riding.  There is enough detail here so that this book will retain your interest as you develop your skills.  By the time you are done with it you will have received your $20 worth of value and you can pass it on to a new aspiring surfer to spread some positive karma.

The only two things I can be critical about this book are: 1) the pictures are B&W and not particularly beautiful [get your surf porn elsewhere] 2) no SUP surfing content [it’s like we don’t exist!].



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5 10 2010

I’m sorry this is a little off topic but do you use a free WordPress account ordo you pay. Thanks! Surfs Up! 🙂

5 10 2010

It’s free….I paid for it to be add free for a couple years and haven’t gotten around to renewing. Do you see any ads when you read the blog? I wasn’t sure it was worth paying if there weren’t many ads.

5 10 2010

I dont see any ads. The reason I was asking was because I have a wordpress page as well and it says i’m using .03% of my total storage allotment. I wanted to know if you have ever run into reaching the storage limit.

6 10 2010

I’m glad there are no ads or at least so few that you don’t notice them.

I don’t resize my photos so they are way big for the needs of my blog and I post a lot of photos. So far in just under 2yrs I’ve used up 60% of my space allotment. I’ve probably got at least through 2011 before I’d run out and by then they may just up the free allotment as storage gets cheaper.

If I resized my photos to something useful I could probably get 10yrs+ of blogging in the current allotment of space.

7 10 2010
surf hostels

Surf Camps offer packages including lodging (often you are able to choose from a variety of types of accommodation) and surf lessons for beginners and/or advanced surfers. Most also offer board rentals and surf tours or surfaris.

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