Opportunity Costs…

4 10 2010

Riding at Hartland...

I’m only an average athlete.  I can get good enough at any sport I spend the time working on to be reasonably good at it.  Not great, but competent enough to have a blast and be safe…that’s fine by me.  There are many people that can’t do any sports so I’m not going to complain.

Having spent so much time kiteboarding this last year I’ve gotten fairly good at it – especially considering it’s a hard sport to master.  The downside to my investment of time kiteboarding is my mountain bike skills have atrophied.  I blame a bit of that on the new terrain and riding conditions on Vancouver Island, but mostly it’s just a lack of time riding on dirt. Even from the start to the finish of a 3hr ride I can notice a big improvement in my skills, but then I have a 3-4 week gap before I’m back on the dirt and I loose all those gains.

It’s a bit frustrating….*sigh*

I have just about as much free time for sports as anybody with a full time job can have so making more time is unlikely.  I guess it all comes down to deciding what’s important to you and prioritizing that.  I must admit I am a bit envious of those folks that only have one or two really passionate interests.  If I could stick to a couple things I’d be really good at them and that would be that.  If you read this blog regularly you know that my interests are all over the map.  And I haven’t even bothered with some of the things I am keen on like paragliding and fencing.

Ultimately I think one of the really important missions in life is to accept the realities of your specific situation.

I know that I can get better at anything if I spend time at it.  I know I have a finite amount of time.  I know I have the ability to choose what I want to do.

So it’s up to me each day to decide what I want to do knowing that picking one thing means ignoring another.  When I look at it that way rather than get frustrated it makes me appreciate the time I’m spending kiting or riding across town more since I am fully aware that  there is a significant opportunity cost to my choice.



4 responses

4 10 2010

Yeah I totally understand, I have the same issue. I’ve really started to focus on cycling now though, mainly due to injuries that make running/quick changes of direction difficult.

5 10 2010

We all feel your pain. Let me add — you cannot appreciate how much free time you actually do have, until you have kids. 🙂

5 10 2010

LOL…that’s why I don’t have kids!

7 10 2010

hey vik sean here (el vag-a-bundo) i was just reading and saw that you can only spend as much time as a guy with a full time job can spend at sports. i take exception to that as we both know that of the two of us i have the fuller time job and yet i still manage lots of time for sports including watersports, so toughen up and play harder, or get the gold watch at your 40 years of service dinner at the holiday inn

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