Herman loves the Tikit…

30 09 2010

One Way Tikit...

I flew into Victoria last night and wanted to meet up with Sharon and some friends at Herman’s Jazz Club. I rode my fixed gear Bike Friday Tikit downtown so I could throw it into Sharon’s Mini for the drive home.  The ride into town was fun. I sometimes forget how fast this bike can go when I’m in the mood to crank hard.  I blew past everyone on the MUP and I’m sure I left a few wondering what in the heck I was riding.  When I got to Herman’s I folded up the Tikit and rolled it inside.  The place was nicely decorated and the crowd was busy listening to Amy Thiesen sing.  I wasn’t sure where to leave the Tikit.  As I hunted around for a good spot an older fellow [Herman??] came rushing over. I assumed he was going to give me grief for bringing a bike inside so I prepared my best I-don’t-have-a-lock-and-my-bike-is-clean-and-tiny-and-I-plan-on-spending-$$$-here story.  But, before I could even start he shows me a handy little nook that was perfect for the Tikit and comments on my “cool bike”.

Herman’s Jazz Club is really nice and because they let me bring my folder inside I could enjoy a beer and the show without worrying about my bike locked outside.

Score another great Tikit moment!

Liberating my Tikit from Sharon's Mini...



One response

3 10 2010
Steve Gardner

Fun to hear your Tikit adventures! I have one, too, as well as a Pocket Crusoe. The other day my wife called and asked me to stop for some milk on way home from work and I had no lock. SO I wheeled the unfolded Crusoe into the grocery store, down aisles, into checkout line, no probs! Keep up the great writing.

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