CETMA Bar Swap

26 09 2010

CETMA sporting KORE riser bar...

I didn’t love the swept back city bars I tried on my first iteration of my CETMA cargo bike build. I felt like I wanted a wider bar for more leverage so I grabbed a KORE mountain bike riser bar I had kicking around.  The install was super easy and I definitely like these bars better.

Old and the new bars...

I was surprised to find out the swept back bars were actually wider then the new bars.  I guess wider was not what I was after…the difference in sweep must have made more difference than I had expected.

Ergon Rohloff Avid happiness...

So far so good.  I’ll keep the KORE bars and given them a good test run.



4 responses

26 09 2010

Is the linkage steering relatively heavy compared to something like the Big Dummy?

27 09 2010

In terms of effort to turn the bars?….no it’s really no different. The less I think about it the more normal it is. Having a wheel way up front does cause some differences at slow speed sharp turns type moments, but I think that’s to be expected.

27 09 2010

Such a Sweet Bike. I think that it could use some fenders though. Any ideas yet? Are you going to a rear rack on the back?

27 09 2010

Yes I have a PB ATB cascadia fender for the rear and a sheet of coroplast to DIY a front fender. Wish I had one on Friday night. Got soaked not fun.

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