Sexy First Aid

17 09 2010

As an active outdoors person I like to keep my first aid skills up to date….you might want to watch these videos and brush up on them as well…

I advise getting as much practice as possible. It never hurts….=-)



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17 09 2010
Rob Krochenski

Dear Vik,
Cycling is as wonderful and constructive a way of life (for all ages and genders) as I can think of and I know I’d be preaching to the choir were I to attempt to enumerate its values.

Pornography, on the other hand, is disproportionately demeaning (to all ages and genders) with its lurid song appealing only to the baser and destructive instincts of mankind.

Its message is not worthy of a public forum which celebrates the marvellous world of bicycling in as professional and helpful a manner as yours does.

I mean no offence to one I have always respected (and bragged on), but must tell you that I am always offended in my maleness and also on behalf of all the women in my family when confronted with such recklessness towards human dignity.

18 09 2010

@ Rob….I can certainly appreciate your point of view. We all have to respect our own personal values and beliefs. I wouldn’t post something I felt was inappropriate for my own values or was beyond the pale for the audience of this blog. However, there are so many viewpoints on an issue like this it is not possible to satisfy everyone. My girlfriend is a nurse and thinks these videos are a funny and entertaining way to get people to pay attention to critical first aid skills. She isn’t offended nor are our female friends. Since the women in my life don’t find these videos inappropriate or demeaning I’m comfortable with them on my blog – particularly given the % of content they represent.

Having said that I’m not trying to suggest you should feel differently. I just want you to see that I have considered the issues you raise and come to a different conclusion.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

19 09 2010

Vik, as a silent long time reader I can totally support you in this.

20 09 2010

I think these are a great way to remind people about an important topic. If it takes spicing an education video up with a bit of sexiness then by all means go for it. Sexy? Yes. Pornographic? No.

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