Goodbye Sexy!

15 09 2010

I love the curve!

Gone is that sexy curved top tube on the Big Dummy…=-(  The new version is no less practical and probably cheaper to manufacture, but not nearly as nice to look at.  I’m glad my green beast is in good shape for many more years of cargo biking and other heavy duty mischief!

Straight edge!

Surly sez:

“No more swoopy top tube (come on, get over it.) New straight top tube increases torsional stiffness, reduces weight (a little), and is theoretically stronger. Standover is about the same.

New spec brings complete bike price down – Deore, Truvativ, etc – still Surly approved for durability.

Frameset MSRP: $950  Complete bike MSRP: $1840

ETA: Frames November, Bikes December”



4 responses

15 09 2010

I don’t like the bent top tube – looks cleaner with a straight one!

15 09 2010

@Jet – well luckily for you that’s what’s available now…=-)

15 09 2010

I’m with you, Vik. Glad mine’s curved, and hoping to have it for years to come.

15 09 2010

at first i wasn’t too into the swoop (we’ve had our dummy for a little over a year). but it’s grown on me and i see as a ubiquitous aspect of the design. i too am sad to see it go, but i do like the new design as well. i am happy to rock the “old school” dummy and predict it will be come quite sought after.

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