Thanks Fairfield Bicycle Shop!

13 09 2010

Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner...

As I was getting close to finishing my CETMA cargo bike build I realized I had forgotten to order a Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner…*sigh*…a critical component if I wanted to get my new bike on the road.  Since no LBS have stocked Rohloff parts in my experience I usually order this stuff from the UK or the US.  Both of which would likely take 7 days to get the part to me if it was in stock.

I really wanted a Rohloff tensioner as I have had good luck with the one on my Surly Big Dummy. Additionally having two means I can always cannibalize one to get the other bike rolling and they can share spare parts.

I was on the phone with the Fairfield Bicycle Shop and had the crazy idea of asking them – “…you guys don’t have a Rohloff dual pulley chain tensioner in stock….do you?…”  The fellow I was talking to said he’d look and to my amazement he came back on the phone and said he did!  Better yet it was priced at $50 less than the best online price I could find…sweet!

I know how much hassle and cost is involved stocking obscure high-end bike parts so I definitely appreciated the significance of getting this part locally, at a great price with no shipping delay.



4 responses

13 09 2010

Your CETMA is one good looking bike. Loving the re-use of parts from your trusted Nomad.

13 09 2010

Hey Vik, do you find that this setup is a bit noisier than the Rohloff on your old Nomad? The reason i ask is that i have a Rohloff equipped Pocket Crusoe with the tensioner and it’s a little noisier than i would like. I have never heard a Rohloff on a bike without the tensioner so i was just wondering in order to compare it to the silence of my derailleur equipped steed.

14 09 2010

@Kevin – is it noisier in all gears or just the middle of the range?

There is a bit more chain noise with a tensioner – similar to the chain running through a derailleur, but the hub itself makes no extra noise because of this setup.

14 09 2010

if i am remembering correctly, 1-7 (especially 7) a little noisy , 8 and up are quieter. When the gears are noisy i also feel the vibration in my feet. I think the tensioner adds more noise than a derailleur set up. I did buy one of those Exzentriker ‘s for the BB but haven’t put it on yet, stay tuned……….

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