11 09 2010

My kingdom for a seatstay bracket!

I lost the plastic seatstay bracket from a set of Planet Bike Cascadia ATB fenders. Totally my fault…so I had a new set of fenders missing a critical piece…=-(  I ride down to MEC and ask a fellow in the bike department if they have any small parts for these fenders I can buy.  He says no and walks away from me.  I figure – oh well – time to email Planet Bike and wait a couple weeks for something to show up in my mailbox.  While I’m thinking that I notice the salesperson walking back to me with the last pair of PB Cascadia ATB fenders they have in stock. He rips open the parts bag that is attached and hands me the bracket I need.  No charge and he doesn’t even bother asking me if I had bought the fenders at MEC….=-)

Nicely done MEC…=-)



3 responses

11 09 2010
Erik Jorgensen

Hey, Planet Bike is pretty good about support with small parts:

11 09 2010

But only if you live in USA or Canada …

12 09 2010

I’m glad PB has great customer service, but it’s much nicer being able to walk into a store to discuss your problem and get parts than trying to explain over the phone or online what’s wrong and wait a week+ to see something in the mail. Also the cost of shipping can easily be twice the price the part you need.

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