Friday Night Bike Ride

11 09 2010

My NWT night criterium rig...

The University of Victoria had a bike movie night [Veer – the movie!] which coincided with a regular [6yrs+] monthly mystery night bike ride.  Kurt and I decided to give it a shot.  The movie was really a interesting look into Portland bike culture with some Canadian content/influence that was fun.  The students that were watching the movie with us were all born about the time I left university myself!!!  Crazy..=-)

I rode my Bike Friday New World Tourist [NWT] with a bit of light bling for my wheels.  Kurt rode a Season Tikit with e-bike kit from Power in Motion – he’s turned into a total electric bike freak!

We met up with 40-50 riders after the movie and started our first monthly mystery night ride.  Sorry for the craptacular videos, but I figured they do a better job of giving you a feel for the event than some grainy photos.

It was super fun  to ride with a big boisterous group through the streets of Victoria and the pitch blackness of the Galloping Goose MUP.  We made it about halfway when we decided to bail.  We were enjoying the riding, but the group was stopping frequently to drink beer, smoke homemade cigarettes and socialize.  Which we didn’t mind except for the fact we were covering ground really slowly and figured we wouldn’t get to bed before 3-4am if we stuck with the ride.  Too late for me as I was up with Sharon at 6am that morning and had a long day.  As it was I only got to bed at 1am and Kurt had a longer ride home so he probably didn’t hit the sack until 130am.

We’ll definitely do the ride again – next time with a cargo bike carrying camp chairs + warm jackets for the stops and a generator driven thumping sound system!


Wheel lights are inexpensive electric glowstix stolen from my burning man bike kit. They are attached with clear packing tape.  I got non-stop positive comments from every group of peds we passed.  The downside to this setup is 8 finicky on/off switches to operate.  The upside is they are cheap totally effective and batteries last 50hrs+.

Solidlights 1203D powered by a Shimano dynohub...

On the totally dark MUP my Solidlights 1203D and Shimano dynohub were one of the best lights on the ride and it let me blast away from a couple times with other riders unable to follow since they couldn’t see where they were going at high speed.

Planet Bike Superflash x 2...

Two Planet Bike Superflash taillights set on steady so as not to stun riders behind me made sure nobody ran into me from behind.

BTW – video soundtrack provided by my iPhone 3GS playing in my jacket pocket while I rode.



3 responses

11 09 2010

Where did you get the electric glowstix? I want a case of them!

12 09 2010

There are tons of vendors online. I don’t recall who I used, but these folks have ’em:

13 09 2010

the Portland midnight mystery rides always leave me with (some) regrets the next day!

often times i just get annoyed at the other riders. some like to tangle with cars or do other silly/stupid shit. don’t get me wrong, a lot of it is just my hang up. i even get annoyed at some of the excessive bell ringing (i mean non-stop bell ringing to the music when you just want to listen to the music and all you hear is bell). i think i am just getting old, and i am probably more of a lone wolf these days.
having said all that, the occasional group ride can be fun. once a year we have pedalpalooza which is a huge fest of lots and lots of themed rides for over a week. you should make it down next year!

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