My little orange buddy!

1 09 2010

Would you make your friend ride in the back?

I went to pick up my truck from the garage recently and rode the One Way Tikit to get there.  As I was folding it and about to throw it in the back of my pick up I realized that was no way to treat a good friend!  So I made room for my trusty Bike Friday in the passenger seat next to me.

I figure take care of your friends and they’ll take care of you…=-)



3 responses

1 09 2010

I’ve done that more than twice, though I highly recommend using the handy tie-down straps that car makers have thoughtfully placed there for our cargo-holding convenience (they insist on calling them seatbelts)
I’ve been hit by inattentive/incompetent drivers on a few occasions, one of which (a right-side T-bone by a stop sign runner that pushed the car I was driving into the path of an oncoming dump truck) would have been potentially fatal if an untethered folding bike had been added to the mix.

1 09 2010

@Chris…very good point!

1 09 2010

@chris: Wow. Damn glad you’re still with us.

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