Sharon gets her Victoria SUP on…

23 07 2010

Two 11' SUPs and paddles....oh ya!

Sharon and I rode down to the Gorge with a couple stand up paddle boards. This was her first SUP session in Victoria and her first ever bike powered SUP session…=-)

Sharon paddling her pink SUP...

We cruised east towards the inner harbour…the opposite direction to my solo SUP paddle a couple of weeks ago.  This meant we headed into a moderate headwind which made for harder paddling, but an easy return trip.  Surprisingly the waterfront between the paddle club where we launched and the inner harbour was very very industrial.

Sharon SUPing with a cement factory in the background...

We paddled past a cement factory, a car wrecker, a couple of ship building yards and some construction sites.  It wasn’t too hard to make it to the dock below the Ocean River Kayak shop…which is also a handy place to access MEC and other downtown stores.  I’m hoping they’ll let me lock up my SUP on their dock so I can do some SUP powered errands instead of biking every time.

Sharon takes a break at the Ocean River docks...

We turned back before getting to the inner harbour since this was Sharon’s first SUP paddle in months we didn’t want to overdo it.  On a good day I should be able to paddle the whole Gorge.

Sharon doing some 70's themed SUPing...

Sharon had a great time, but we had a flat tire problem on my Surly Big Dummy when we rode home…=-(  *sigh*  It added a long hot delay into our return voyage.  I’ll be making sure I’m fully stocked for tools, pump and supplies in the future.



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23 07 2010

Hey Vik, is there no place you can SUP in Calgary? I’ll be moving there soon, and was wondering.

24 07 2010

For sure you can SUP in Calgary…definitely in the Bow River and in the Elbow River depending on water depth/time of year. I think you are allowed to SUP in Glenmore Reservoir [not 100%].

I would contact the Red Nik Surf shop and ask as they were forming a SUP club.

Say hi to Warren the store manager for me…=-)

15 08 2014
Rory Woods

Hi Vik,

I was wondering how the BD rides with one or two 11′ SUPs. Any guesses about how it might be on a less-stiff Xtracycle conversion?


15 08 2014

@Rory – The BD can handle one 11′ SUP pretty well as long as you take care to secure it and it’s not windy. Wind would be a killer and I have not tried 2 SUPS.

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