Un-Locking your bike…

21 07 2010

Secured without a lock...

Biking around Victoria means frequently locking your bike up.  In many cases you are nearby and just want to stop the grab and run type thief.  Being the lazy biker I am I have stopped locking my bikes for those occasions and un-locked them.  I just use a standard long-ish cable and run it through my bikes, around something solid and then put the free end over a grip and snug it up to the stem.

This is fast an requires no locks, keys or combination codes to be used.  A thief that simply tries to grab a bike will just tighten the whole shebang making it impossible to undo.  In order for a thief to figure out which end to undo and how to do it they’ll need to be up close to my bikes for long enough that I’ll have time to intervene.

If you get a cable that is a tight-ish fit over your grips you’ll slow even the craftiest thief down so they can’t get your bike faster than you can throw a beer bottle at them from a patio!

Of course I don’t use this type of setup when I’m walking away from my bikes for any length of time.



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21 07 2010
Justin Mascio


What grips are you using there? Nice and low profile, I can see how a cable lock loop could slip over.

tx, Justin

21 07 2010
21 07 2010

I have a similar double ended cable in my xtracycle bags for when I leave my lock on the other bike by accident and need to make it look as if my bike’s locked for quick shopping trips

21 07 2010

@ Tom…I’ve “fake” locked my bike a few times when I forgot my keys!…=-)

22 07 2010

Just don’t ‘fake lock’ in the same place twice – the second time it will be gone!

22 07 2010

@ Thief – I don’t think anyone is unraveling that cable from the bars and the bikes before I’m on them. I wouldn’t leave a bike that way unless I was close at hand.

If I really fake lock a bike it’s an accident that I left a key at home and I setup it up to look real so nobody will know it’s not locked…the first time or the 3rd time….having said that forgetting a key at home when I need to lock my bike isn’t part of my plan or a good idea.

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