Restraining myself…

20 07 2010

MKS pedals on One Way Tikit...

I’d like to add some foot restraints to my One Way Tikit.  Riding fixed gear means you can’t stop pedaling.  It also means that if your feet fly off a pedal on a bump they don’t stop turning which can be dangerous and is definitely makes it hard to get your feet back on.

Power Grips...

I tried a set of Power Grips I had in my parts bin on the MKS pedals.  They mounted fine, but getting in and out with the shoes I typically wear [trail runners] was a hassle.  Although I’d like some foot restraints I’m not prepared to sacrifice ease of use or have to change the foot wear I use.  If I did I might as well wear SPD shoes and clip in.  Since I love the flexibility and ease of use of the Tikit the last thing I want to do is complicate things by my pedal and/or foot restraint choice.

Mini-Toe Clip...

My next move is to try out some mini-toe clips like the ones shown above that just grab the front of your shoe.  They obviously don’t provide as much holding power as Power Grips or a full cage toe clip with straps, but they may be the ideal mix of ease of use and hold.  Given their low cost they seem worth a shot.

5.10 Impact Low bike shoes...

For the time being I’ve found a pretty effective solution.  My 5.10 Impact Low mountain bike shoes feature a very very grippy climbing rubber sole. I tried them with the MKS pedals on my Bike Friday and they work really well for keeping my feet on the pedals.  Most trail runners have a hard plastic section under the arch to protect/support your feet from rocks.  That’s great for trail running, but not so good for cycling since that’s often the area that my pedals  touch when I’d riding and it’s quite slippery for a metal pedal.  These 5.10’s have a flat uber sticky sole so there is no problem.  Since I like them, they suit my minimal style needs and they are very comfortable I don’t mind riding in them a lot of the time. So for now I’m happy!



2 responses

21 07 2010

Perhaps the Power Grips would work better with a different pedal?

21 07 2010

I like bmx pedals with all the sharp little screws. Basically turns most any shoes sole into a 5.10. I don’t comment often but also want to say thanks for all the interesting posts.

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