17 07 2010

See on a bike ride a block from my house...



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18 07 2010

Hi, I must ask you one thing, (off-topic) since you have alot off experience from DF and recumbents. If you where going on a solo “Around the world trip” Would you do it on a DF or a Recumbent? Cons/Advantage? And Why?
It would be interesting to hear what you have to say since you have experience with both DF and Recumbent bikes.

Thanks in advance!


19 07 2010

@ Jack…first off I’ll say that people have successfully completed RTW tours on bents so it’s a viable option.

Personally I would ride a DF for any long tour with varying road surfaces and conditions. Here’s why:

– DF is comfortable for 100-150kms which is my max distance on tour
– DF is better for poor/rough roads and loose surfaces
– DF riding position is more engaging/fun for me
– DF’s climb much better for me than bents
– DF luggage options are better
– DF is better for stop and go riding and dealing with traffic in a strange city [hopping curbs]
– DF is stronger frame design while being lighter than bent
– DF is better for sprinting [ie. away from dogs]
– DF more compatible for riding with other bike tourers you meet

For me the only benefit of a bent is better aerodynamics on long flat stretches and head winds, but the slow climbing alone is a bigger penalty than that benefit so not worth considering.

19 07 2010

Nice 🙂 Thanks for your opinion. I was just curious what you had to say since you have experience from both recumbent and DF.

Thanks for the answer and keep up the good work with your blogg! Love to read it.

Regards Jack

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