2010 Xtracycle Freeloader Bags

17 07 2010

2010 Freeloader Bags...

I’ve been critical of some Xtracycle products in the past.  So I wanted to make sure I gave Xtracycle a positive plug when they’ve addressed one of my gripes.  Specifically the new 2010 Freeloader bags are now waterproof, look to be much higher quality and more durable. Perfect – that meets all my needs.  They aren’t cheap, but they should last a long time and I’m cool with paying for quality.

I’m not sure when I’ll score a set of these, but probably by the end of the year.

Good work Xtracycle…=-)

Specifications up close...



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29 10 2010

I thought you’d like a little real-life feedback on the new freeloader bags. I’ve just swapped from the old-style ones (worn out with hole and lots of broken plastic bits) to a snazzy pair of blue ones. I’m cycling the GD MBR (nearly finished) then heading on down towards Tierra del Fuego.

My initial impression is that they’re well made and a step-up in quality from the originals. The pockets do appear waterproof. and the drain hole in each side stops the main part from turning into a pond while keeping the contents clear of road-water/mud. The set up is (in concept) easier than the originals with clips rather than fabric loops. There are tensioning ones at either end.

The down-side is that the rear tensioning straps get very close to the wheel/tyre especially if you’re running 2″ or wider tyres. In dry or just west conditions this isn’t a problem once you’ve tucked the free strap away; but in muddy conditions the proximity of the buckles to the wheel may be enough to cause significant rubbing especially if the mud is thick.

They could have made the buckle “external” to the bag so that it doesn’t come anywhere near the wheel or left it as a simple strap and made the front ones the only tensioning ones (where the space is wider).

I (thankfully) have yet to encounter the particularly thick mud that this area (southern New Mexico and south) is famous for with the new bags. If I do, I may end up removing the rear buckles. I’ll let you know.


30 10 2010

@Tom – thanks for posting your thoughts on the new Xtra bags. I’ve got a gray set I need to install on my BD. I agree they do look more substantial and waterproof compared to the pervious version.

Have a wonderful tour and drop me a line in a few months to let me know how the bags are treating you. Safe travels!

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